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Jean Palmer April 2012 
Coordinator's Corner

Being the founder and first Coordinator of the Santa Fe chapter of The Transition Network has been a very fulfilling and rewarding time for me. I moved to Santa Fe in August 2010 and decided in the spring of 2011 to explore the possibility of having a chapter here. I met with a few women who were interested in starting the chapter and our first meeting was held in June 2011 with over 50 women attending.


We became part of the National organization in April 2012 and we are continuing to grow and thrive today. Based on regular attendance of 50-60 women at our monthly programs, many women participating in our transition peer groups and social peer group activities, and informal networking outside of the group, there is a real need that is being fulfilled. So many great connections have been made, opportunity for sharing common needs as women 50+ and vital friendships are just some of the rewards of being part of this network.


I have decided to step down as the Coordinator at the end of this month which may be a surprise for some of you. I'm ready to try being less busy and see what life is like without being in charge. I have put much time and effort in getting the organization started and helping build a strong foundation and have decided to give others the opportunity to help shape it in the future. I certainly do plan to still be involved and serve as a consultant or mentor or in whatever way I can serve the chapter, just not as the coordinator.   I love being in control and organizing and working with all who have contributed to it's growth. My greatest challenge in deciding to not continue as Coordinator I believe will be to let go. William Bridges' three stages or transitions are endings, neutral zone and new beginnings. I will be exploring the neutral zone figuring out what next.


National: There are many exciting things happening on a the National level with a comprehensive strategic plan being developed by the Board with members from all of the chapters serving on the different committees. With this new Strategic Plan, a new Executive Director and many exciting plans for the future, the National appeal for donations will be coming our way soon. Please consider giving to this very worthy cause that will continue to help our chapter and to reach even more women in transition. The Transition Network wants to be known as the premier organization for women 50+ and I think that is a wonderful vision.


Member Holiday Potluck: Our big event on December 11 is our annual Holiday Potluck at one of our member's homes. It's a member benefit and if you join by December 10, you are invited!


Membership: To become a member, go to, enter your zip code, and you can sign up for membership in our chapter. The cost of membership is $80 for 12 months or $150 for 24 months.


Membership Scholarships are available for anyone who needs

financial assistance. Scholarship recipients are confidential. For information, contact Sara Lyons in Member Support Services, 212-803-6120 or


Programs:  We do not have monthly programs in December but they will start up again the 4th Monday evening and 4th Tuesday afternoon in January. If you are interested in being considered to present a program or know of someone else you feel would be good, please contact our current program chair, Pat Shapiro at


Social Peer Groups: To receive notices of all upcoming Social Peer Group activities, sign up on Meet-up and see the previews below. It is a member benefit.


Gratitude: How can I possibly thank everyone who has helped make The Transition Network what it is today? Thanks to all who have joined - we have over 100 members today. Thanks to those who bring friends to our monthly meetings to introduce them to the organization, to those who have served on committees, given ideas of new things to do, have supported individual members who have had a special need, and to those who have let us know that this organization has meant so much to them. My final thanks to the Steering Committee who have done a fantastic job, worked as a team and been so supportive in so many ways. It's been a great ride.


Jean Palmer,

Santa Fe Chapter Coordinator 2011-2013

No Monthly Program Meeting in December


Santa Fe TTN members should have received a separate invitation e-mail to our annual holiday potluck celebration, sent out 11/2/13.


Contact our communications coordinator, Patty Armstrong at if you did not receive the invitation or are becoming a member in early December, so you can have an invitation with the date and location sent to you.

Social Events Report


On Saturday, November 9, thirteen members gathered at Annie Holly's home to make a home-cooked soup and bread lunch, and to share their own soup recipes.  One of the participants shared her experience; "When I got (Annie's) email about who was to bring what - I was saying to myself, this woman is NUTS!  Boy, am I so glad that I was wrong and (she was) right to have all those wonderful veggies in ONE pot and simmered and blended to such a lovely and satisfying soup.  I will never doubt (her) again ! ...I was so inspired, I (went) home and started a big pot of kitchen sink chicken soup!"

     Do you have outings in mind?  Use the MeetUp website to  

     organize an event yourself!


More information on these and other upcoming events are on Santa Fe TTN's Meetup website.  You must be a member to access the MeetUp site, but occasionally we can bring guests on our outings.


If you haven't signed up to learn about TTN Santa Fe social events - or even suggest one of your own, follow the instructions at the top of the column on the right to join our private MeetUp group and get in the mix!  More and more fun events are being created.


Some of our Upcoming Events:


     Wednesday, December 4, 11 and 18 (3pm)

     Coffee Club


     Thursday, December 11 (6-8pm)     

     Members' Holiday Potluck 


     Saturday, December 14 (8pm)    

     Desert Chorale - Carols and Lullabies




meet up logo 
We are now using the
online MeetUp web tool
to communicate with
each other about planned
 social events and
connect with each
other for spontaneous events.  Only Santa Fe
TTN members will have access to this site. 
To sign up follow these instructions: 
If you are not already a MeetUp member, go to and
select sign up, using your
e-mail address.  You must
go into your e-mail and
 verify your registration to finish the registration with MeetUp. Then find and
sign up with our group,
which is called
If you are already a MeetUp member, sign into MeetUp
as usual and look for our group title listed above. 
You must be a current member to be approved
to participate in this communication tool.
If you need help, Maria Francis will bring her laptop to the Coffee Club (see below) and show members how to sign in and use MeetUp.  You can also
call her  at 713-304-6262
or e-mail her.
Book Club


Our Literature Book

 Club is looking

to add more members

If you wish to find out more or join, please contact

Glynn Anderson at

or Maria Francis at

713-304-6262 or .


Our emerging Quantum Physics Book Club is still recruiting members. 

If you wish to find out more or join, please contact Elaine Johnson at 505-989-3570 or email her at


Light Hiking
Women Walking 
Santa Fe Light Hiking Group is a collaboration
between an existing
 MeetUp group and
Santa Fe TTN.  If you wish
to become a member
of Meet Up you may register at  
Then join Santa Fe
Light Hiking. 
The Santa Fe Transition Network