June 2015

Santa Fe TTN is organized and led entirely by volunteers.

Coo rdinator's Corner

Jutta von Gontard 
Connect, Discover, Impact!
These are the three pillars on which TTN is built. We've had many monthly programs that connected our members through shared experiences and laughter and quite a few that helped us discover ways in which we can navigate life's transitions somewhat successfully. The meeting on May 18th was all about impact!

The two presenters, Marcie Silvestro and Sheila Lewis, are both extraordinary, committed, and inspiring women who do amazing work in their respective fields. Marsie, a long-time activist, poet, musician, and feminist, spoke about Esperanza Shelter, the services they provide to families affected by domestic violence, and the opportunities for meaningful involvement for TTN members. Sheila Lewis, an attorney, talked about a program she recently developed with Marsie and other community leaders that will support women from the five Santa Fe Women's Shelters while they struggle with all the issues involved in divorce proceedings, including interactions with the court system. Therefore, the program is aptly called "Court Navigators." Five of our members have already signed up to be trained, and Sheila Lewis would be thrilled if more members signed up.

If you missed this inspiring meeting and are interested in supporting Esperanza Shelter or becoming a court navigator, you can contact Marsie Silvestro and Sheila Lewis directly:

Marsie Silvestro, Executive Director of Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families, Inc.

E-mail director@esperanzashelter.org; phone 505.474.5536

Sheila Lewis, Director, Santa Fe Safe, e-mail: sheilainsantafe@gmail.com; phone 505.470.3535

A heartfelt "Thank You" to Marsie and Sheila for an inspiring evening and to Sheila Doran-Benyon, Ann Church, Linda McEnroe, Patty Smith and Maria Francis for spearheading the community involvement task force and for organizing this extraordinary program!

Monthly Meeting

The June meeting will be, as usual, on the fourth Monday of the month: Monday, June 22, 2015 from 5:45 to 7:30  
Church of Christ on 1205 Galisteo x Cordova.

Please note that the meetings now start at 5:45 pm and that we no longer have Tuesday afternoon meetings.


June program:  
Exercising for the 50+ year old woman 
with Phyllis Weiland, Recreational Director 
at Quail Run

EXERCISE-is it the fountain of youth? What are some of the basic components of exercise? How much do we need to have quality of life? How to add it to our daily schedules? Can I ever learn to enjoy it?

Actual Get Up and Move Session: Phyllis will lead the audience in chair exercises. Fun things you can do at home.

Phyllis Weiland counted herself lucky in that she found her passion in life at an early age. Phyllis was one of the PE girls in high school who helped with intramurals, played on the girls' softball team and was on the gymnastics team. In college, realizing that marine biology involved chemistry and physics, she graduated with a physical education degree. Phyllis moved to Santa Fe, had two children and when they started school, she found a job as Fitness Director at El Gancho. Phyllis has  been with Quail Run for 22 years as a personal trainer and 14 years ago added the job of Recreation Director. Her most recent certification is Cancer Exercise Specialist.   


The monthly meeting is open to members and non-members.  

A donation of $3 is requested. 

Passing the Baton:   
Transitions Keep Happening


Francesca Shrady, who headed the program committee since May 2014 and who organized many fun and energizing monthly meeting programs over the last year, had to resign that position due to major transitions in her own life. We're sorry to lose Francesca's unique perspective and energy but are grateful that Judy Donohue has stepped into that position. Thank you, Francesca, for a great year of programming and to Judy for taking on the daunting task of program coordinator!

Creating Our Future Together:  
TTN Leadership Retreat in Santa Fe


From June 4th to 7th, ten TTN board members and thirty-five Steering Committee members from across the country are gathering at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Center in Santa Fe for two days of planning, learning, and connecting. What a great opportunity for the seven Santa Fe chapter leaders who are attending (Jean Palmer, Maria Francis, Rachel Greenstein, Linda McEnroe, Ellie Briggs, Margie Berkowitz, and Sue Burgess) to share ideas and experiences with our counterparts so we can continue to build relevant and exciting programs and activities for our fellow members. Furthermore, it will be most beneficial to talk to - and hear from - TTN board members and to weigh in on issues that affect us all. In the July newsletter and the June monthly meeting we'll give a summary of the results of these strategic conversations.

Host Your Own TTN Events!

For close to three years, the Social Committee

(Ann Church and Linda McEnroe, co-cordinators, Maria Francis, Judy Donohue, Carolyn Moore, Sue Latham, and Patty Smith) has arranged many events, including the weekly coffee club, to connect our members through conversations, learning opportunities, fun road trips, parties, and much more.    


As Ann announced at a recent meeting, the committee has been thinking hard about creating a mix of social events that our working members and those who don't drive at night can easily attend, like the once-a-month Movie Sunday (see column on the right for the June events calendar.)


We're also encouraging all of you whose needs and passions aren't currently being met to start your own event.
With MeetUp as a communications tool, this is really easy and far from "cyber magic."  

The only requirement is that you host and manage the event that you start!

So, if you're a walker get a group of like-minded members together and choose your own pace and hiking terrain. Interested in the Classics,  Quantum Physics, opera, baking, cooking? ... the list is endless!


 Santa Fe Chapter




Save the Date!

Sunset - In the  
Garden After Hours

Annual Santa Fe
Chapter Picnic

Thursday, July 23
5:45 -8:00 pm

Santa Fe Botanical Garden
Entry fee: $10
(benefits the
Botanical Garden)

 Look for more detail in the July Newsletter

 Note: The picnic replaces the monthly meeting in July.


Warm up to TTN
at our Coffee Club 
Wednesday, June 3
Non-members are welcome to the Coffee Club.
Come and learn more about Santa Fe TTN and the value of becoming a member.




Sunday , June 14

Location/Movie TBA


Tour the Vaults at the School for Advanced Research -TOUR FULL 
waitlist available
Friday, June 26 

660 Garcia Street

Cost $15, free to SAR members

Reservations required


Santa Fe TTN Social Groups use MeetUp
to schedule and
share event ideas.

meet up logo 
To sign up follow these instructions:
If you are not already a MeetUp member, go to www.meetup.com and
select sign up, using your e-mail address.  You must go into your e-mail and verify your registration to finish the registration with MeetUp. Then find and
sign up with our group,
which is called
If you are already a
MeetUp member, sign 
into MeetUp  as usual 
and look for our group 
title listed above. 
You must be a current member to be approved
to participate in this communication tool.
If you need help,
contact Ann Church at 
The Santa Fe Transition Network   www.thetransitionnetwork.org