Lights, Lights and More Lights
We hope everyone enjoyed the police department's annual guided light tour! Even after 14 years of doing this it seems our citizens get more creative with their decorations every year. We want to say thank you those who decked their halls with Christmas cheer and provided the entertainment for our tour. #youcouldseethemfromspace #noideawhatboughsofhollyare #hollyjollygoodtime

Priority Shipping Included
Santa has collected all of the letters submitted to his magic mailbox, and he's working on those responses! He received so many letters from all the good boys and girls that it may take a little while for his response letters to make it through the mail. Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a special delivery!

Bench #2? Check
It was only a few weeks ago we told you the City was once again attempting to collect 500 pounds of plastic bags to get our second bench. Well guess what?! In a little less than two months we've already collected 657 pounds of plastic bags and film! This not only gets us the second bench, but also gives us a strong start on our third! The totals have been reported to Trex, and our second bench should be ordered soon. Great job Tega Cay! #croquetclubwillloveit #greatwaytorecycle #donotthrowplasticbagsingarbage #donotthrowtheminregularrecyclingbinseither

Employees of the Year
Yesterday, City staff gathered for their final safety luncheon of 2019. Each year we use this luncheon to also celebrate the holiday season, spend time in fellowship and recognize our Employees and Department Heads of the Year. Nominees for Employee of the Year were: Captain Justin Daily of the fire department, IT Specialist Janet Broom of the police department, Diana Vick our receptionist at City Hall, Jeremy Franklin in our Utility Department, Dana Overlay in our Finance Department and Sgt. Justin Spencer our police department detective. We always recognize one inside/office employee and one outside/field employee of the year, and this year’s recipients are Dana Overlay and Sgt. Spencer.

Dana works in our Finance Department as an Accounting Specialist. She started with the City approximately 5 years ago after spending time working for the State of Arizona. She’s originally from Michigan and graduated with a Finance degree from the University of Michigan (we won’t hold that against her). Regardless of the holiday, she always gets into the spirit by decorating her office area and greats every day with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She interacts with every department and assists them with analyzing their budgets and producing necessary reports they may need. She is an amazing member of our work family.

Sgt. Justin Spencer is our Detective with the police department, but he is also so much more than that. Sgt. Spencer is an Army Veteran who received a Purple Heart for his actions in Iraq, serves on the York County SWAT team and is a member of the US Postal Task Force for Fraud. In addition to his normal detective duties, this past year Sgt. Spencer organized a basketball game between TCPD and GHMS faculty (pretty certain some of them were ringers and weren’t faculty) and the Guns and Hoses softball game between TCPD and TCFD. Both competitions raised money for worthy causes and organizations. Those aren’t the only reasons he was chosen as one of our Employees of the Year, however. In June 2019, he responded to a SWAT call in Rock Hill for a double homicide where the suspect was fleeing law enforcement. Not only did Sgt. Spencer take fire from the suspect, he was able to successfully apprehend the suspect. He was awarded the Medal of Valor for his actions in that incident. In November, Sgt. Spencer was on his way home after shift when he heard a radio call for a small child suspected of being in cardiac arrest. He was the first to arrive on scene and quickly deduced the child wasn’t in cardiac arrest but was choking. He was able to clear the airway and provide care until paramedics arrived. The child made a full recovery at Levine Children’s Hospital. The following Sunday, on his day off, Sgt. Spencer stopped by the child’s home to check in on the family and make sure everyone was OK.

Our Department Head of the Year is Tim Gillette. Tim has been with the City for 33 years. Let me say that again… THIRTY THREE YEARS. During that time, Tim has served the City as the horticulturist, a code enforcement officer, storm water manager, IT, safety & risk manager, assistant Operations Director and now Operations Director. He’s basically our Swiss Army Knife. Whenever there is an odd task that needs to be done, or if a department needs assistance, Tim takes it on and sees that it is taken care of. This recognition is long overdue and we can’t thank Tim enough for the passion and dedication he has shown our organization and the residents of this city for so many years.

Please join us in congratulating not only this year’s recipients, but all of our nominees as well. They each represent the ideals and effort of all of our staff at the highest levels and truly have a servant’s heart. CONGRATULATIONS Dana Overlay, Sgt. Justin Spencer and Tim Gillette on a job well done!


All of the Warm Fuzzies
Next week, members of the Tega Cay Police and Fire Departments will participate in the Holiday with Heroes program. This program is made possible thanks to a partnership between the departments and many community partners. A police officer and firefighter are matched with each child as they shop for Christmas gifts for themselves and their family. After shopping, the children are able to eat lunch with their heroes and wrap the newly purchased presents.

This program is 100% funded by donations, and donations are accepted at the Tega Cay Police Department until Wednesday, December 18. For more information, contact Sgt. Burns. #ChristmasWithRedAndBlue #notallheroeswearcapes #nottoolatetodonate

Heeeeeere's Santa!
Anyone remember that moment from The Office? It's just before Steve Carell realized he had been replaced as Santa Claus...by a woman. Neither of those two will be visiting Tega Cay, but we will have the REAL Santa on Saturday, December 21 as he makes his way through the city! Beginning at 8:30 a.m. he'll bring a friendly smile and warm Christmas cheer to your home. This visit is made possible by the Tega Cay Fire Department, but please do not visit the stations because Santa won't be there. Plus we really don't want you to miss him! Get the coffee and Cheerios ready, get the kids up, (pajama attire will not be judged) and wait for him to come down your street! #PhyllisWasTheBetterSanta #SomeonePleaseWearThePinkBunnySuitRalphieWore

♫ Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas ♫
While we want everyone to have a wonderful Christmas, our employees need a break too.  City offices will close  at noon on Tuesday, December 24, and be closed the entire day on Wednesday, December 25 and Thursday, December 26. Not to worry, we will still have staff working in case of emergencies. In case of emergency please call 9-1-1. If you have a utility emergency dial 803-548-3514. We'd also like to take a moment to recognize our first responders and staff working through the holidays. They sacrifice time with their loved ones so we can be with ours. If you see a police, fire or medical worker this holiday season please tell them THANK YOU. #publicserviceatitsbest
#servant'sheart #alwaysondutyincaseofemergency

Look! Up in the Sky...It's a Bird...It's a Plane
Nope, it's none of those. It could, however, be your artwork on our new water tower. The City has the unique opportunity to put a creative design on the side of the tower, and we want YOUR artwork on it! You have until Friday, January 17 to submit a design to City officials for consideration. All designs must be drawn either electronically or free hand (electronic preferred), and must use no more than three colors. For reference, click HERE for a free online design website for water towers. PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to use this site to create your design. All electronic artwork must be submitted HERE , and all free hand submissions may be dropped off or mailed to Philip Jolley, Tega Cay City Hall, 7725 Tega Cay Drive. For questions, please email Joseph Shook .
Events Around Town

Dec 16 | City Council Meeting | 15077 Molokai Drive | 7:00 p.m.
Dec 24 | City offices closing at noon (Christmas Eve observed)
Dec 25 & 26 | Christmas Holiday | City Offices Closed
Jan 1 | New Years Day Holiday | City Offices Closed
Jan 2 | City Council Meeting | 15077 Molokai Drive | 7:00 p.m.

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