The holidays are almost here, and for a lot of our families, this can be a tough time of year. Every parent wants to give their child a joyful holiday, but that can be hard when money is tight and bills are due.

The good news? You can help! Sign up for our Secret Santa Holiday Assistance program and ensure that a child in need gets a gift this year.

How does it work?

Individuals, groups, businesses, and families can all participate. When you sign up you'll choose how many children you'd like to sponsor and we'll send you their names, ages, sizes, and interests.

We ask that you purchase an outfit (pants/shirt) and a toy for each child you sponsor. Gift cards are great too, especially for the older kids we serve.

If you’d like to contribute but not necessarily sponsor a child, we accept gift cards (K-Mart, TJ Maxx, Fred Meyer, Book Bin, Grass Roots, Many Hands Trading, Ross, movie theaters, bowling alley, etc.) or cash donations. Gifts must be delivered to Old Mill Center no later than 12/14.

Interested in spreading holiday cheer this year? Contact Cindy Bond at to sign up!