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December 12, 2023

Let me begin by telling you that the shop will be closed on Sunday, Dec. 17, so that I can host a Christmas party at my home for the SVQ crew! It’s one of the times that we can all get together and have some fun and food and laughter, especially if Rickie the African Grey Parrot decides to take over the party like he did a few years ago. The last time we got together, Rickie was totally silent, even though everyone tried to get him to whistle, sing, or just talk with us. He can be a stubborn kinda guy, and at our first time gathering, he commandeered the whole party. If no one paid any attention to him, he got louder, and sang to himself while dancing to his own music. He knows many songs and sounds, like dropping a whistling bomb from the sky, then the sound of things blowing up, being a choo-choo train with the whistle, or singing and dancing to Jingle Bells (over and over and over!). You just never know which Rickie will show up, but we’re all hoping for The Entertainer Rickie. I’ll let you know!

Murfee will be out on the patio, waiting for anyone to come out for chasing, tummy rubs or whatever, and he’ll be busy trying to get one of us or Katie, Emi or Willie to play with him. Willie will sleep through the entire party, Katie will try to charm someone into being her bestie for the day: you know, the bestie who slides her food under the table?!?! Emi will be slightly annoyed that her routine is changed for the day, but she’ll be nice about it. Ditto-the-wonderhorse just plain won’t care, so long as she doesn’t miss her food schedule. If someone gives her a carrot, she’ll happily accept! Again this year, I placed fireplace screens around the tree so that none of them get curious and want to pull the ornaments off or chew on the pearl beads. So far, this has been a great solution for all of us. As you might expect, everything is over-done and fully lit with tiny lights, pearl garlands, crystals—none of which would withstand Murfee playing hide-and-seek in the house. Fingers crossed that we make it through another Christmas challenge.  

Now, please join us on Saturday, 12-16 for an in-shop party from Ramona during her Software: Get Savvy class. Instead of a teaching moment class, she wants to have a Q & A session with you concerning software. There will be food for the soul and food (snacks) for the tummy. If you question what software can do in your sewing, whether or not you’d like/use it, are just beginning to delve into how software can expand your imagination, or you just need to know how to download it, this is the free event for you. Monthly classes with technique teaching and project making will begin in earnest Jan. 20. This class will focus on Label making/designing. Ramona has a way to keep what to me, is a complex area, while making it simple and straightforward. I saw a number of the Christmas and greeting cards she and the class did in the last class time, and they were wonderful! You won’t know your interest level until you try, and once you get savvy about software, you’ll be sewing at a different level! Please join us at 9:30, 12-16-23.

FYI—we can offer you great machine pricing through the month, AND 48 month zero interest financing for BERNINA purchases over $3,000 if that’s what you choose to do. Feet, Hoops and Trolleys are all 25% off now, many of our machines come with FREE GIFTS like hoops, trolleys, serger accessory travel cases, thread collections and more this month. Just tell Santa Barbara what is on your wish list, and we’ll see if we can make it happen! We even have very exceptional pricing on BERNINA Embroidery Only machines, like the killer deal on the 700E for only $2999 which carries an MSRP of $7749. No joke here, just great savings for you. And there are more offerings like this one, so no stress.

As for Q’nique longarms, we can offer you bundle pricing when you purchase the machine matched with the frame size that best suits you. The bundling allows you to fulfil your own destiny, your own choice of size, price and function at great savings. We are happy to have that conversation with you, to find the absolute best bundle for you. We are also offering 20% off QCT 6 software for the Q’nique. This is for the beginner’s QCT6, and QCT6 Plus, QCT6 Pro and QCT6 Gold software programs. Those savings can save you $1500 on, say, the QCT6 Pro! We are also offering a frame sale, with the Cutie tabletop frame at just $499, and the Evolution Elite Frame with a savings of $1100, and savings on everything in-between! So this can be an exciting time for you to get in to longarming your own quilts!

We are also offering the Laurastar Ironing systems at substantial savings, and as for me, this is the best iron system ever! Come in and ask for a demo from me, check out their website at www.laurastarus to see their demos, remember back to all the education I gave you at Shop Hop (kills covid, bed bugs, bacteria and its odors…..) and certified to do so. Not just wishful thinking! Great for longarmers, piecework quilters, garment sewers, pressers of shirts, tablecloths, and more. With or without steam!  

So that’s all for now, and I hope to see you in shop soon for questions, demos, classes, fabrics, machines…..Most of all, don’t forget to have a wonderful week, and be GOOD so Santa will come see you with lots of goodies, or perhaps, just ONE BIG goodie!!!

Just in…a new video from BERNINA of their 2023 Holiday BERNINA Feet! Check it out. It’s adorable. Just click on the link, and it’s sure to make you smile!!! 


Santa Barbara and the good little girls and boy here at SVQ

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