"The things I think I am right about other people are, in some sense, not even wrong about, because they aren't thinking about them."

- Peter Thiel


"Thank you so much for having me at the event. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was by far the best put together forum of its kind that I’ve ever attended."

"I am blown away by the group you assembled."

“What an excellent conference! Any time you show up and immediately spot five people who you think are among the best investors in the world, you know you are in the right place.”

CHARLIE MUNGER & LI LU: "Well the Chinese market is going to create a lot of successful investors. If you look at Hong Kong, which has been full of Chinese people, meshed in a capitalist order with good securities market. That is going to spread all over China and increase in respectability and size for decades ahead. I anticipate the Chinese securities market and investing practices will get better and better for a long, long time. There will be fluctuations to be sure, but the long-term trend will be toward more achievement and more respectability and higher prices." GuruFocus - August 7, 2018
JOHN MALONE: "Malone owns some stock in Netflix and tried to buy the business years ago when he was chairing satellite operator DirecTV in the US. Reed Hastings rejected the proposal pretty quickly and he was smart to do so. It’s an extremely well run company. Reed Hastings is a genius...He sees Walt Disney’s desire to merge with Rupert Murdoch’s Fox as “very much a scale play. If you go to the studios now, if you talk to Rupert, if you talk to Bob Iger to Brian Roberts, they’re all sitting there scratching their heads thinking how can we be number two to Netflix. How can we get there before Amazon gets there?" IrishTimes.com - July 28, 2018
BRUCE FLATT: "Most of the economies in which we participate continue to be favorable or are strengthening, contributing to strong performance across our businesses. Global equity markets have stabilized compared to the volatility seen earlier this year, on the back of strong corporate earnings and consistent growth in the overall economy." Brookfield.com - August 2018
JOHN GOFF: "I’m bullish on the economy,” he says. “The tax cuts are big, and we’re so behind on GDP growth coming out of the Obama years.” Rising interest rates are largely baked in to real estate prices, he says. Low unemployment is great for occupancy rates. As is America’s predictable population growth of 2 million people per year. An even more important trend: wealth creation. According to Paris-based consultancy Capgemini, the number of high-net-worth Americans ($1 million of investable assets) has been growing at a 7.8% clip since 2010. With the rich getting richer, Goff is sure of growing demand for top-drawer properties." Forbes - July 30, 2018
HOW DOMINO'S PIZZA DROVE A 90X INCREASE IN STOCK PRICE BY ACTING LIKE A TECH START-UP : "It was hugely risky: a pizza company was admitting they had terrible pizza. Then they tried to improve it in the full glare of the public eye. Everyone at the company was nervous, but most thought it was a great idea. And without taking this risk and creating a product that people actually loved, they would have never pivoted into the innovative, tech-first superbrand they are today.
It all started with the hardest part: acknowledging a weakness." ProductHabits.com - July 2018
SPOTIFY'S $30 BILLION PLAYLIST FOR GLOBAL DOMINATION: "This has been Ek’s plan all along: to get the music industry so dependent on Spotify that even the doubters can’t live without it. “We need this company to be robust,” Borchetta says of Spotify. “It’s important to the ecosystem of the whole business that they are successful." Fast Company - August 2018
THE ORAL HISTORY OF TRAVEL'S GREATEST ACQUISITION: "Booking.com reshaped the competitive landscape in travel as its parent company, the Priceline Group, now appropriately named Booking Holdings, transitioned from second-tier player to outright leader. It not only dislodged competitors like Expedia, Orbitz Worldwide, and Travelocity/Lastminute.com in the process, but Booking.com transformed the way travel companies market themselves, and consumers make hotel reservations." Skift.com - July 2018
THE STORY OF CHINA'S MOST SPICY GODMOTHER TAO HUABI: "Tao Huabi is the creator of one of China’s most famous chili sauces and is the embodiment of the ‘Chinese dream.’ By following her own path and relying on her business instinct, Tao rose from poverty and became a multi-billionaire." Weibo.com -February, 2017
October 24-25, 2018
October 24, 2018