Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Sarah Sanders’ “Arkansas LEARNS' is on point", The Reform Alliance says

Focusing on education dialogue with students and families, not buildings,

 is step in right direction


Little Rock, AR – The Reform Alliance is encouraged to see the unveiling of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ education agenda. Her plan, Arkansas LEARNS, is a step in the right direction – focusing the education dialogue on students and families, not buildings.  


“With third-grade reading levels at an abysmal 35 percent statewide, it is comforting to know that if she is elected, Sarah will focus on the fundamentals of education, empowering families and preparing our students for a ‘better life right here in our state,’’’ said Emmy Henley, managing director of The Reform Alliance. “Her plan prioritizes Literacy, Empowerment, Accountability, Readiness, Networking and School safety,  which stands for the ‘LEARNS’ title of her plan.”


Henley said executing the specifics of the plan would make a real difference for Arkansas students and their families. “We like that she says the state will improve access to quality pre-K and make reading coaches available for at-risk children as part of her pledge to focus on literacy,”


“Teachers should be excited to know that Sarah wants to reward good teachers with smart incentives, like higher pay, and the business community will appreciate a workforce cabinet to executive a clear vision with better coordination,” she added.


The plan also focuses on empowering parents. “Her plan calls for giving parents more choices, so no child is ever trapped in a failing school and a lifetime in poverty. It includes transparency through innovation and online resources.


“Overall, these are just the solutions The Reform Alliance believes will work for Arkansas. We think the plan is well thought and details a blend of realistic answers to the issues our state faces in education ,” Henley said.


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