This month's Community Classrooms!
Channeling Your Soul's Calling Experience
With Sarah Sparks

Each experience is unique based on who attends. For whoever Spirit chooses, will receive answers to why their soul came into their body, they will know their soul's calling.
Sarah Sparks is the Spiritual Business Advisor. She is a farm raised, college educated, former local government employee turned business owner who is no longer ashamed of her spiritual woo-woo-ness.
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Essential Oils 101-Tea Tree/Melaleuca
With Cecilia Comperatore

Tips on how to use this oil safely for yourself and in your home. Cecilia will share a recipe you can make at home.
Cecilia is a Certified Essential Oils Coach. She uses oils to improve her health and well-being and loves educating people on their use and applications and how they can help improve their lives.
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