The Dandy 2021
Sargent and Schoenberg Grab the Syrup and the Jerky

DERBY, VERMONT – Our homegrown Olympian, Ida Sargent, 33, was overall winner of this year’s Dandy Half Marathon, grabbing a gallon of Couture’s Maple Syrup and a pound of Brault’s Beef Jerky. Oh yeh, while she was at it, she tied the female course record with a blistering time of 1:33:04 which was first set by Jennifer Johnson of Bethlehem, NH in 2018.   Sargent was born in Newport, grew up in Craftsbury, and is now teaching at Burke Mountain Academy. She’s a two-time Olympian cross country skier. 

Claiming top male dog was Jon Schoenberg, 57, of Harvard, MA and East Burke, VT with a time of 1:41.40. Syrup and Jerky to Jon as well.

In addition to their Jerky and Syrup, Ida and Jon each won free entry into Fly to Pie, Kingdom Marathon, which will be held this year on Saturday, October 2, 2021 at the height of Fall Foliage. We're already planning a 2 minute parade through the Village of East Burke as they hoist their gallons of maple syrup. Anybody got a Duck Boat we can use? In all seriousness, these were some very fast times on probably the most challenging half marathon this side of the Mississippi. Congratulations to both.

A woman was the overall winner of the 10 km distance as well. Hibby Regan, 31, of Waterville, VT claimed her jerky with a time of 0.45.24, beating out the top male runner, Greg Bodkins, 56, of Dover, MA, who finished with a time of 0.48.10. Greg was one of many "Doveristas," who returned for another run in the Kingdom. Here's to "The Doveristas" who showed up in force.

Preliminary Times for all runners are posted at Dandy 2021 Preliminary Times

This year’s Dandy was run on Saturday, May 22, 2021, in memory and in honor of Terri Weed, who was 15 and pregnant when she was murdered 40 years ago by her 16-year-old boyfriend. This year we raised at least $1,276 for Umbrella and its important work in support of victims of violence. We also raised $400 for Siskin-Coutts which provided parking for the run. 

For some photos of the day see: Dandy 2021 Photos

We were filled to our cap (for this year) with 150 runners and walkers in the 1 mile, 2 mile, 4 mile, 10 km and half marathon distances on hilly and challenging dirt roads through the World Famous Dandelion Fields of Morgan, Holland, and Derby. And we celebrated, sometimes with tears of joy, being able to gather, laugh, see each other’s smiles, and run and walk with each other through the morning.    Some dandies were already beginning to puff, but most remained in bloom, blanketing the fields. Musicians were out in force, led by Patti Casey and Tom MacKenzie, Bob Dunn and the Hogeye Men String Band, Don Houghton, Jr. and his sidekick Ned, and newcomer Marc Heymann. Patti’s been playing The Dandy for years, inspiring her to write and produce her newest Clubhous hit, Dandelion

The Dandy is underwritten by Community National Bank. Its Staff led by Tracy Roberts, Holly Pepin, and Kayla Wright provided Coffee and Jeb’s Maple Cookies to runners before the start. They provided and set up our Finish, delivered water bottles, GatorAde, and UnTapped Maple Syrup sticks out to the support tables on the course and staffed the busy Hayward Hollow support tables. Over 40 Community Circle Club walkers and runners participated in the run/walk. We love this bank and all the ways in which it helps support our community.

The “Most Mature” participant of the day, was 83-year-old, Irene Farrar of Derby Line, who finished the four-mile course in 0.53.15. She won her own gallon of Couture’s Maple Syrup and invited her entire circle of friends and neighbors over to her house for a BIG pancake dinner party. 

We loved the many parents running with their young’ens. Total Joy to try to give these kids their prizes as they, one after another, refused to take Jeb’s Maple Cookies out of their mouths while they were being prized. 

We were joined by 12 participating Virtually from as far away as Idaho, Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts. We’re still tallying the results of their participation.

The Dandy is organized and hosted by Kingdom Games and the many Clubhous Gangsta Staff and Volunteers including Kristian Pearson, Lucy Teller, Ellie Primeau, Pam Ladds. Chuck Goulding, Pat Goulding, Stan Chop, Jane Chop, Susan Watson, Ramblin' Jack Watson, Anita Gariepy, Kathleene Callicott, and Hayley Joseph, as well as the flaggers of ADA Traffic Control.

Great to be "on the road again" with The Dandy in the books and two more runs coming up this year.
Jon Schoenberg at the Nadeau Farm
Photo by Kathleene Callicott
Chet Greenwood, 76, of Derby at the Finish
Action Photo by Phil White
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