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Expect more FaB events in 2019...
...with more opportunities to learn from the best, offer strategic input, and network with purpose. Our events will focus on topics relevant to CEOs, owners, and industry professionals in the areas of innovation and trends, supply chain, scaling your business, international opportunities, food safety, and talent attraction - where we'll start the year with Sargento.
Registration is open for our first talent forum with Sargento on February 26 in Sheboygan. They'll be sharing their best practices on developing a future workforce and our communities today and facilitating attendee discussions to garner input. Our peer-focused forums are limited to our food and beverage companies and our sponsors to ensure a robust dialogue among industry peers. Consider sponsoring this event - learn more.
Join us on Tuesday, February 26 to learn how Sargento is developing their future workforce and their community today. Just how do the real cheese people find real solutions to secure the talent they need now and into the future? Attend and you'll learn. 

We're back at the beautiful Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan to learn from the best. We've secured  Anne Troka,  Workforce Development Liaison, and Martha Feucht, Sr. Talent Acquisition Manager - both on the front lines of talent development and attraction for Sargento. Anne and Martha will cover:  
  • How business, education, and communities can partner to address workforce and economic needs both short, one to two years, and long term, five to ten years
  • Key conversations and collaborations around workforce development and economic development to make sure that education and communities know what business needs to attract and retain talent
  • Collaborative business commitment to drive needed economic development of community to attract and retain talent
  • Visibility of all the great assets here so students, alumni, Millennials, Gen Z, and veterans are linked directly to great jobs at Sargento and quality of life in our communities
  • Sargento's wide variety of new and evolving STEM Careers in R&D, IT, Engineering, Marketing, Maintenance, and Mechatronics that are attractive to people motivating them to stay here or move here


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