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Japan's Energy Conundrum: Download new book; watch video of the launch's panel discussion 

On June 25, Sasakawa USA launched Japan's Energy Conundrum, a book which brought together an outstanding group of senior scholars to analyze and explain the many facets of Japan's energy situation and its intersection with the U.S.-Japan relationship.  Sasakawa USA Senior Fellow for Energy and Technology,  Dr. Phyllis Genther Yoshida , served as the book's editor.

Copies of Japan's Energy Conundrum can be downloaded for free from the Sasakawa USA website. Paperback copies are also available upon request. A video and recap of the launch's panel discussion, which featured several of the book's chapter authors, was posted online.

Asia on Air Podcast features Japan's Energy Conundrum

In Episode 09 of Sasakawa USA's podcast, Asia on Air , host Brian Graf talks with Dr. Yoshida about Japan's Energy Conundrum.Tune in for a discussion on Japan's Energy policy since March 11, 2011, and opportunities for U.S.-Japan partnership in energy policy and security.

New Chairman's Message: The Common Economic Agenda for the United States and Japan (and Europe)

Admiral Dennis Blair considers the relationship between economic performance and national security in a July 11 Chairman's Message. In " The Common Economic Agenda for the United States and Japan (and Europe),
" Blair outlines the steps democracies, including the United States, Japan and European nations, must take together to foster sustainable economic growth as an important aspect of maintaining national security.  

Japan Political Pulse: Polls show Japanese public ambivalent about resolving issues with North Korea but supportive of diplomacy

In his latest analysis for Japan Political Pulse, Sasakawa USA Fellow  Tobias Harris  writes about the Japanese public's reaction to U.S. President Donald Trump's summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un on June 12. Prior to the summit, the Japanese public struggled to make sense of what the summit would mean for the nation's security; after the summit, the public's ambivalence had deepened. Read "Polls show Japanese public ambivalent about resolving issues with North Korea but supportive of democracy."

Upcoming Event: The Alliance Working in America (TAWA) series to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, September 4-6

The third The Alliance Working in America (TAWA) program will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, September 4-7. The TAWA program in Atlanta will include a public panel discussion on September 5 with the World Affairs Council of Atlanta, "Japan and Georgia - Growing Together." A September 6 public event, "Investing in Georgia's Workforce: A U.S.-Japan Dialogue," will be co-hosted with the U.S. Department of State. Additional events and activities are being planned. Check the Sasakawa USA website for details. 

Commentary: Japan's Changing Electricity Market: Recommendations for Policy Makers

In a new paper published on the Commentary & Analysis page of Sasakawa USA's website, Energy policy consultant Tarak Shah highlights current trends in the Japanese electricity market, notes areas of strength, and outlines specific changes that Japanese policy makers could implement for a safer, cleaner energy future. Read " Japan's Changing Electricity Market: Recommendations for Policy Makers." Shah  participated in the Sasakawa USA 2017-2018 In-Depth Alumni Research Trip to Japan.
Sasakawa USA Blog: Perspectives on Japan's National Police Agency's Public-Private Partnerships

Dani Charles, CEO, Charles Bernard Ventures, and Ash Rajaram, Consultant, Boston Consulting Group, co-authored a new Sasakawa USA Blog post, "Perspectives on Japan's National Police Agency's public-private partnerships," published July 26. Charles and Rajaram participated in Sasakawa USA's Emerging Experts Delegation (SEED) program trip to Japan in December. 
Event Recap: Emerging Arenas and New Platforms for the Next Generation of U.S.-Japan Cooperation

The U.S.-Japan Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange (CULCON) is a binational advisory panel that works to strengthen the cultural and educational foundations of the U.S.-Japan relationship. CULCON's Next Generation Task Force assesses the state of the U.S.-Japan exchanges for the next generation to ensure opportunities for the future leaders in U.S.-Japan relations. On July 19, Dr. Sheila Smith, Senior Fellow for Japan Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, presented the Task Force's recommendations at a  policy lunch hosted by Sasakawa USA. Ambassador James Zumwalt  moderated the discussion.
Event Recap: Roundtable with Diet Member Katsuyuki Kawai on U.S.-North Korea Summit Diplomacy

Sasakawa USA hosted Mr. Katsuyuki Kawai, Liberal Democratic Party Diet member and Special Advisor for Foreign Affairs to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, on July 2 for a speech and discussion, " U.S.-North Korea Summit from Japan's Point of View: Big Shockwaves from A Small Singapore Island." Sasakawa USA Associate Fellow for Security and Foreign Affairs, Sayuri Romei, introduced Kawai and moderated the discussion section of his visit. 
Deadlines approaching: Applications for several Sasakawa USA programs are July 27 and July 30

Congressional Staff Program on Asia: Apply July 27 

The Congressional Staff Program on Asia is a bipartisan educational certificate program that aims to equip Congressional staffers with greater knowledge of U.S.-Asia policy in order to better understand America's role in an engagement with this region. This program is administered by the East-West Center in Washington with support from Sasakawa USA. For details, visit the Sasakawa USA website

International Center for Journalists (SEED) Trip: Apply by July 30 

Sasakawa USA is partnering with the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) to select eight American journalists to participate in the 6th iteration of the SEED progra m as a group. Selected journalists will participate in pre-trip briefings and travel to Japan as a group in late fall for a week of briefings and meetings with Japanese experts and practitioners from government, businesses, academia, think tanks, and media and engage in post-trip networking and presentation opportunities. For details and to apply, please visit Sasakawa USA's website.   

Sasakawa USA/USJETAA Grants for JETAA Chapters & Sub-Chapters: Apply by July 30 

Sasakawa USA and the U.S. Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme Alumni Association (USJETAA) have partnered to offer a competitive mini-grant program for JET Alumni Associations (JETAA) chapters and subchapters within the United States. Selected JETAAs will receive funding to co-host innovative activities or programs in their communities on a topic of relevance to U.S.-Japan relations. For details, visit the Sasakawa USA website.

Upcoming Events

Join Sasakawa USA for upcoming events focused on U.S.-Asia relations. Please check our events page for event details and new listings as we post them.

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