February 24, 2016 - In This Issue:
Japan Political Pulse

Japan Political Pulse, an opinion poll aggregator developed by Sasakawa USA's Tobias Harris, provides an unprecedented look at the public approval ratings of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his cabinet.

While Japan has a high volume of quality opinion polls measuring the public approval ratings of Prime Minister Abe and his cabinet, these polls often have subtle but consistent biases. Analogous to U.S. opinion poll aggregators, JPP aggregates major polls to minimize the impact of any individual poll's biases and arrive at a more balanced representation of public opinion. It is the first such aggregator to be developed----- and maintained ---- over time.

In addition to aggregating multiple polls, Sasakawa USA's fellows also provide occasional commentary on noteworthy data points in recent surveys. 
Upcoming events: March 2016
A multitude of facets of the U.S.-Japan relationship will be showcased in March, when Sasakawa USA hosts events on topics including the Great East Japan Earthquake, supply chains, the future of renewable energy, and women's rights in Asia.

Not all events are open to the public ----- please view each listing for details. Here's a closer look:
Commentary: Where Is Asia in the U.S. Presidential Debates?

The world's center of gravity is shifting to the Asia-Pacific, Sasakawa USA's Dr. Jeffrey Hornung writes in this op-ed published in The Diplomat. "The next U.S. president had better recognize this shift and leverage America's relationship with Japan to ensure success."
Q&A: Admiral Dennis Blair Talks About Supply Chains, Security, & Cyber Threats

In this Q&A, CREATe.org CEO Pamela Passman talks with Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO Admiral Dennis Blair about "Supply Chains, Security, and Cyber Threats: Promoting U.S.-Japan Cooperation to Mitigate Risks and Improve Practices," an upcoming conference co-sponsored by the two organizations on March 9.

Read the Q&A here or view details on the event here
Event recap: Japan Matters for America Publication rollout defines importance of bilateral relationship
The U.S.-Japan relationship is about more than just government-to-government cooperation ---- it has great implications within the private sector, influencing everything from trade and investment to tourism and educational exchange at the national, regional, and local levels.

The mechanics and benefits of this relationship were discussed February 9, when Sasakawa USA, the East-West Center, the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the office of Senator Mazie Hirono co-sponsored the release of Japan Matters for America ---- a bilingual English-Japanese publication that quantifies the impact of the U.S.-Japan Alliance through economic and social data.

Presentation: Japan's Cybersecurity Market: Opportunities and Challenges  

Japan's cybersecurity market is expected to grow by 19 percent in 2016. With that staggering figure in mind, William "Bud" Roth, Non-Resident Fellow for Cybersecurity at Sasakawa USA, presented research on the topic at "New Trade Opportunities for Exporters," an international business forum held February 4.

From our news partners at Nippon.com: 

Abe's Indo-Pacific Security "Diamond" Begins to Shine: Prime Minister Abe made concrete progress toward the realization of his long-cherished security diamond strategy in 2015, but the initiative still faces daunting obstacles. In the meantime, Japan and its partners in the region will have their hands full coping with China's bid to overturn the traditional maritime order of the Indo-Pacific.

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