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Collaboration with Tofugu.com: Why Japan will lose 20 million people by 2050

When a country's birth rate shrinks, it can face major challenges. When a country's population gets older (meaning the percentage of elderly people gets bigger), that causes problems too. But what if both happen at the same time? Japan knows, because it is facing this exact crisis of population decline right now.

To promote better public understanding of this twin phenomena, Sasakawa USA teamed up with Tofugu.com, a Japanese language and culture blog. We provided our research on the topic, and they paired it with creative writing and explanatory graphics to create an article for mass consumption.
Japan Political Pulse: Japanese public satisfied with Abe-Trump Summit  

Polls conducted by NHK and Kyodo News in the aftermath of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's "golf summit" with U.S. President Donald Trump showed that the Japanese public approved of the outcome of the summit, writes Sasakawa USA's Tobias Harris in the latest Japan Political Pulse.

Although the summit left important questions about the direction of economic cooperation unanswered, to the extent that the summit eased the public's concerns about the direction of the U.S.-Japan relationship under the new U.S. administration, it was an unqualified success.

Report: Improving cybersecurity cooperation between the governments of the United States and Japan  

Cybersecurity is becoming more important to the economic, security, and social well-being of both the United States and Japan. Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA therefore commissioned this paper to examine ways to improve cybersecurity cooperation between the two nations, including how the two governments are organized to deal with cybersecurity issues, coordination in cybersecurity, and "whole-of-society" approaches to overcoming impediments.

This report focuses on ways to change behaviors to improve both long-term coordination and crisis response. 

Commentary: U.S.-Japan trade balance, cooperation in carbon capture, and relations in the new administration

A good deal for Trump and Abe:  For nearly 50 years, writes Sasakawa USA's  Tobias Harris , Washington has had to balance maintaining a close political and security relationship with Japan and preserving fair economic ties. U.S. President Donald Trump started writing the next chapter in this history when he met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on February 10 and 11.  Click here to read more.
Working together on carbon capture: Petra Nova, a U.S.-Japan joint venture to capture carbon dioxide from coal combustion and use it for enhanced oil recovery, became operational on January 10. It is the world's largest post-combustion plant, and one of only two commercial scale post-combustion systems on a power plant. Dr. Phyllis G. Yoshida, Sasakawa USA's Fellow for Energy and Technology, contributes this analysis on the importance of Petra Nova and opportunities for U.S.-Japan collaboration in carbon capture.  Click here to read more.

U.S.-Japan in the Trump administration:  With newly confirmed Secretary of Defense James Mattis' recent trip to South Korea and Japan, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Washington last week, the Trump administration seems to be confirming the continuation of a strategic pivot to Asia, though perhaps not in the form that we have seen until now, said Sasakawa USA's  Dr. Jeffrey Hornung  in recent news appearances. Dr. Hornung has also published an article on the challenges and opportunities of the bilateral alliance for the new administration. Click here to read more and click here for Dr. Hornung's article on the U.S.-Japan alliance moving forward.
In the News: Admiral Blair speaks on security issues in the Indian Ocean   

Modernizing defense capabilities of the United States and its allies in Asia is an effective method of deterring military aggression from China, Admiral Dennis Blair, Sasakawa USA Chairman and CEO, said while speaking on February 7 at the "Security in the Indian Ocean Region" conference in New Delhi. 

Quoted in an article about the conference by ABC News in Australia, Blair said, "What's really important, I believe, is for India, Japan and the United States to modernize and strengthen our own maritime, air and, where necessary, ground capabilities to improve that military balance in our favor, and therefore make it very high risk for China to undertake military aggression."

In the News: Trump, Abe discuss economic relations without mention of bilateral FTA

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was likely to talk investments and jobs, but to not go so far as to commit to a bilateral trade negotiation while visiting President Donald Trump in Washington and Florida, Sasakawa USA's  Daniel Bob  said  in a news story by Politico .

The full article touches on issues including the now-defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership, currency concerns, and auto industry uncertainty related to the U.S. and Japan.


Podcast: Asia on Air Episode 02: Admiral Dennis Blair
In  Episode 2 of Asia on Air, Sasakawa USA's podcast committed to analysis of the latest news in U.S.-Asia relations, we sit down with former Director of National Intelligence and current Sasakawa USA CEO and Chairman,  Admiral Dennis Blair , to discuss current issues in East Asia. 

This episode looks at some of the potential flash points in the region, as viewed through the lens of the U.S.-Japan alliance, touching on the United States' evolving relationships with Taiwan and the Philippines, and the growing threat of North Korea. 

True Stories from Japan: From Nagasaki to the Netherlands

When Alexander Hoare, known among his friends and family as a student of all things Japanese, decided to pursue his master's degree in the Netherlands, many were understandably puzzled. But, as he explains, Japan has many historical connections with the Netherlands. 

Event Recap: USFJ Army service members recall friendships, memories at JUMP gathering in Virginia
In cooperation with the Embassy of Japan, JUMP participated in the  U.S. Army Japan Reunion  at the Fort Myer Officer's Club in Arlington, Virginia on Friday, February 3. 

The gathering of about 50 service members was treated to an evening of festivities, including addresses from Col. Masashi Yamamoto, and RADM Yuki Sekiguchi of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF), respectively. Participants also were greeted by warm remarks from LTG Francis Weircinski, the former Commander of U.S. Army Japan and U.S. Army Pacific, about the wonderful relationships that he formed during his service in Japan. 

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