October 2, 2017 - In This Issue:
Event recap: The Alliance Working in America series debuts with large crowds, engaged leaders in Houston (video)
From September 13-14, 2017, Sasakawa USA traveled to Houston, Texas with a group of foreign policy and energy experts to launch our newest series in the Education Program, The Alliance Working in America (TAWA) series. Through our inaugural TAWA Houston program, the delegation engaged local leaders, media, businesses and students on the importance of U.S.-Japan relations to American interests, both at the regional and national levels. 
Op-ed: A strategy to eliminate North Korea's nuclear threat
The U.S., Japan, and South Korea need to rely on pressure and patience, deterrence and containment - not military action - to eventually realize our vision of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, Sasakawa USA CEO Ambassador James Zumwalt writes in this op-ed published in The Japan Times. 
Report: On the Path to a New Automotive Future in Japan and the United States
The key to global oil security is transportation, writes Sasakawa USA's Dr. Phyllis Yoshida in this new report. Dr. Yoshida highlights automakers' and governments' efforts to increase the use of clean energy in automobiles and the hurdles faced by manufacturers and policy makers in their quest to increase the number of electric and fuel cell automobiles. 
News Analysis: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calls for a snap election 
Shinzo Abe's Greatest Gamble: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is calling a snap election not from a position of strength, but his opponents' position of weakness, Sasakawa USA's Tobias Harris writes in this op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal. Click here to read more. 
Abe's comeback and the outlook for a general election: Given Japanese PM Shinzo Abe's recovering approval ratings and high marks for his handling of the North Korean nuclear crisis, in addition to other factors, the political logic of a snap election is indisputable, Harris writes in the latest analysis for Sasakawa USA's Japan Political Pulse. Click here to read more or click here to see how JPP data recently was utilized in a Vox article.
In the News: Adm. Dennis Blair offers expertise on DPRK issues  
Experts offer analysis, context on North Korea at media roundtable event:  Just hours after President Donald Trump denounced North Korea's continued missile tests in his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Sasakawa USA provided context and analysis to the Washington, D.C. journalism community at a private roundtable event at the National Press Club. Click here to read more.  
How to tell If North Korea and America are actually headed to war: While recent rhetoric being flung back and forth between North Korea and the United States can be shocking when consumed domestically, the logistical requirements of actually heading to war are far from being met, Admiral Dennis Blair told The Atlantic. Click here to read more. 
Explaining the DPRK strategy of brinkmanship in Politico podcast: Although rhetoric regarding the North Korean regime's continued nuclear tests has ramped up in Washington in recent weeks with Pyongyang's actions, the overall North Korean strategy of provoking the international community while operating below the threshold of starting conflict has remained in place for about half a century, Admiral Blair explained in the latest episode of The Global Politico podcast with Susan Glasser. Click here to read more.  
Adm. Blair talks North Korea provocations with BBC NewsHour: North Korea's predictable strategy of brinkmanship should continue to be countered with a sensible policy of sanctions and deterrence, Admiral Blair told BBC Newshour on September 19. Click here to read more. 

We're hiring: Sasakawa USA seeks Associate Fellow, Communications Manager and Program Assistant  
Sasakawa USA currently is accepting applications for three positions. Click through each link for all the details:   
  • Associate Fellow for U.S.-Japan Security and Foreign Policy: The Associate Fellow for the U.S.-Japan Security and Foreign Policy Program will provide substantive, programmatic and administrative support for Sasakawa USA's Security and Foreign Policy Program.
  •  Communications Manager: The Communications Manager will raise both public and elite awareness of the U.S.-Japan relationship in media outreach efforts and digital communications. The ideal candidate will hold the expertise to manage and grow four important communications areas: website management, social media curation, external communications and public relations.
  • Program Assistant for Education: The Program Assistant will provide programmatic and administrative support to the Associate Program Officer in all program functions, including preparation and evaluation of program proposals, event planning, execution and follow-up, and internal and external coordination and communications.
Sasakawa USA In-Depth Alumni Research Trip now accepting applications 
Previous participants in a Sasakawa Peace Foundation or Sasakawa USA sponsored delegation or program are invited to apply for the Sasakawa USA In-Depth Alumni Research Trip. The selected alumni and an accompanying assistant or research partner will have the opportunity to return to Japan to gain a deeper understanding of common challenges in the U.S.-Japan relationship, then to present their findings to the D.C. policy community at an event hosted by Sasakawa USA.
From Nippon.com: Japan-ASEAN cooperation and Toshiba's struggles
Japan-ASEAN cooperation: A central element of East Asia's regional architecture:  Japan's ties with ASEAN over the past 40-plus years have been through various changes and have been affected by the major growth of China's presence in the region. But Japan continues to be a key partner for the association and its members. Formerly focused on economic affairs, Japan-ASEAN cooperation now extends to the political and security spheres as well.   Click here to read more.      
Toshiba's continuing struggle to stave off bankruptcy: Toshiba was one of Japan's best-known electronics and machinery companies, with operations all over the world. But in addition to accounting irregularities that came to light two years ago, the company's sudden December 2016 announcement of huge losses has left its reputation in tatters. The company is in danger of being delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange and its plunge into negative net worth puts it at risk of bankruptcy. Click here to read more.  

True Stories from Japan: A True Gentleman
As a Korean, Sasakawa USA's David Lee thought he had a good understanding of Japanese culture and norms. Yet, while traveling through Hokkaido, David found himself moved by the kindness of a Japanese stranger after getting into a difficult predicament when his plans went astray. 
Upcoming events: October 2017
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