December 9, 2015 - In This Issue:
New fellows bring expertise on international affairs, Chinese diplomacy to Sasakawa USA

Sasakawa USA is pleased to welcome two new fellows whose expertise in Japanese and Chinese foreign policy will help further a better understanding of the US-Japan relationship.
Tomohiko Taniguchi, a professor at the Keio University Graduate School of System Design and Management and a Special Adviser to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet, and Hiroko Maeda, an expert on diplomacy in modern China and security studies, each joined Sasakawa USA this month.
Taniguchi joins Sasakawa USA from Tokyo as a Non-Resident Distinguished Fellow. He has served as a Counselor in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Office and has written speeches on foreign policy for Abe.

Maeda joins Sasakawa USA as a Visiting Fellow with an emphasis on China's impact on the U.S.-Japan relationship. Her four-month fellowship brings her to Washington, D.C. from the PHP Institute's Center for International and Strategic Studies in Tokyo.  
Announcing Sasakawa USA's new reference guide: The U.S.-Japan Resource Library

Sasakawa USA's research fellows have curated a list of documents that are key to the U.S.-Japan relationship, from its inception to today. The U.S.-Japan Resource Library includes links to treaties, articles, laws and statements that have helped build and shape the tenor of that relationship.

We hope the guide will help others build upon their knowledge of bilateral relations between the U.S. and Japan.
Foreign Policy Initiative SEED Trip inspires research, reflections
U.S.-Japan Missile Defense Cooperation: Increasing Security and Cutting Costs: 
After participating in Sasakawa USA's Foreign Policy Initiative SEED Trip to Tokyo from October 19 to 23, Rachel Hoff with the American Action Forum wrote a report detailing mutual security concerns and an overview of U.S.-Japan missile defense historically, currently and for the next generation. Read the report here.

True Stories from Japan: A key security alliance: While on the same trip, participants met with members of the Japanese Diet, media, ministries, Cabinet Secretariat, the National Institute for Defense Studies (NIDS) and the National Security Council, among others. In this blog post, Thomas Storch with Stone House Capital Management reflects on the trip and the opportunity to learn about developments in U.S.-Japan defense cooperation. Read his thoughts here.

The Japan-U.S. Military Program (JUMP), a collaborative effort between Sasakawa USA, the Embassy of Japan in the United States and the National Association of Japan-America Societies, was featured in an episode of SoCal Japan for its recent event on board the USS Iowa in Los Angeles.

seeks to bring together together those with the shared experience of having served in Japan. The event on board the USS Iowa brought together past, present and future service members for a social night of building new relationships.  
Watch the video here

Event: The U.S.-Japan Common Economic Challenges dialogue 

On January 3, 2016, Sasakawa USA will participate in the third meeting of the High-Level Working Group on Japan-U.S. Common Economic Challenges. The private meeting, which will be held in  
San Francisco, will bring together distinguished economists and former government officials from both countries for a private exchange on key economic issues.

The group will focus discussion on the economics of cyber security, China's economic prospects, quantitative easing and secular stagnation, and trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

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