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June 6, 2018

Saskatchewan Forage Council Cooperative Celebrates 30 Years at AGM

The Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) is pleased to announce the celebration of its 30th anniversary at the 2018 AGM in Swift Current on June 28. The Saskatchewan Forage Council was formed as a cooperative in 1988 to enhance the province's forage industry; including production, harvesting, utilization, and marketing.

SFC President, Tamara Carter states, “For thirty years, the Saskatchewan Forage Council has been linking producers with researchers to advance the forage industry. In the past three decades, new forage varieties have been developed to meet producers’ needs. There is increased awareness of the vital role that forages play within our livestock systems, as well as our overall environment. As our natural environment and weather patterns change, we must continue to find productive forage varieties and mixtures, as well as effective management strategies to maximize efficiency, profitability and sustainability.”

The Swift Current Research and Development Centre staff has invited SFC, and interested producers, to tour the most current research projects occurring at the Centre. The tour agenda will include research plots from Dr. Iwaasa, discussing ‘Best management practices for cost-effective and successful establishment of saline forages for Saskatchewan’. As producers begin the year with very dry conditions, Dr. Schellenberg’s research regarding ‘Native deferred pastures, Impacts of time of grazing’ is very relevant.  The tour will include several more stops including polycultures and new legume trial: Forage Galega, by Dr. Bainard.

The Saskatchewan Forage Council has a rich history of supporting research and development to meet the ever challenging climate beef producers face when growing their product. Throughout the years, SFC has been involved in a number of provincial and federal organizations and initiatives, including the Canadian Forage and Grassland Association, the Saskatchewan Forage Seed Development Commission (SFSDC), the Prairie Conservation Action Plan, the Saskatchewan Advisory Council on Forage Crops, and the Saskatchewan Beef and Forage Symposium, to name a few. Where a need is seen in the forage industry, SFC acts to satisfy the query knowing quality forage is a pillar in the Saskatchewan rancher’s operation.

“Please join us for our field tour and AGM, June 28 as we hear firsthand from research scientists about forage rejuvenation, best management strategies, annual polycultures and perennial mixtures,” says Carter. “Producers will have an opportunity to see plots firsthand and learn how this research can be applied to their operations.”

The Forage Innovation Award will also be awarded at the AGM to acknowledge exemplary innovation, leadership, service and stewardship in Saskatchewan’s forage industry by producers, land managers, agency staff and researchers. The Forage Industry Innovation Award Nomination Form can be found at the saskforage.ca website .   


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Adrienne Hanson, Executive Director
Saskatchewan Forage Council
Tamara Carter, President
Saskatchewan Forage Council

“The Saskatchewan Forage Council was formed in 1988 to enhance and promote the province’s forage sector, including the production, harvesting, use and marketing of forages. The Saskatchewan Forage Council communicates research and current information to stakeholders and also provides insight on production issues, policies and research through collaborating with government, research institutions, and producers .”


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