Sat. August 8, 2015   7:30pm - 10pm   

At The Obelisk - Cleopatra's Needle, Central Park, NYC 




Alignment of The Earth, The Star Sirius & The Galactic Center


Invocation, Activation & Meditation  

With Jodi Serota & Maryanne Savino with Special Musical Guests

It's time for manifesting Love as we open our Hearts to create Miracles, Joy, Peace and Abundance. Saturday August 8th is the peak of the Lion's Gate.


The annual 8:8 Lion's Gate occurs on August 8th when Earth aligns with the Star Sirius & the Galactic Center, creating a harmonious portal. Leo signifies the personal individuation of our Divinity, as our Soul DNA awakens activating our human energy field.


This year's alignment between The Earth, the Sun and Sirius brings in powerful energies for manifestation. As this star-gate fully opens it beams intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, the Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.


The Solar Feminine (Isis/Sekhmet) & Masculine (Ra/Osiris) energies of Leo began the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal on July 26th, The Galactic New Year. This continues until August 12th, the moment the Earth begins her new cycle of spiritual evolution. The 8-8-8 "wave" contains the new Light Codes of the Cosmic Ascension & it is vitally important to open fully to receiving these codes, lightening up our DNA & supporting us to make another quantum shift in our individual and collective consciousness.  

Enjoy Invocations, Vibrational Sound Infusions & Light Language Activations, Music, Dancing and More! Awaken your Innate Codes of Manifestation for Inner & Outer Peace, Love, Co-Creation & Anchoring In more of your Divinity!  


$20 cash at event or pay in advance by PayPal.


Cleopatra's Needle (the Tall Egyptian Obelisk in Central Park behind the Metropolitan Museum). 


This Historic Obelisk covered in hieroglyphic writing originally stood in Heliopolis in ancient Egypt where it was then moved to Alexandria, Egypt. In the late 1800's it was brought to NYC. If you never seen or felt'll be in awe!

**From The East Side: Enter Central Park in at E.79th Street@5th ave. (North entrance on the same block as the Metropolitan Museum). Stay to the right as you walk behind the museum. About half way around, you will see an under path-tunnel on the left, walk through and make the first right and the Obelisk will be on the right side surrounded by a grove of trees.


**From The West Side: Enter in at W.81 Street and Central Park West...walk across the park to the great lawn, pass it and head east toward the Metropolitan Museum to the Obelisk



Channeled Akashic Record Readings
& Vibrational Healings 

With Jodi Serota 


Experience a Life Reading that is deep, informative, multi-dimensional and empowering, guided specifically to give in depth information & healing covering everything that your soul has experienced throughout all time, space and dimensions.


The channeled guidance assists in unraveling and clearing deep, long term patterns, energetic charges from all lifetimes, and miasms or knots in your energy field of illusionary thought forms, belief systems or outdated perceptions inhibiting growth and keeping you in the perception of limitation. 


You'll experience whatever is specifically necessary for your soul's development in moving forward, bringing out innate gifts, purpose and anchoring in more of your Divine Presence.


Through Guided Information with possible transmissions of Vibrational Sound, Light Language Activations & Initiations, you'll receive a vibrational reading that assists you in living life consciously, from a higher conscious perspective.


Sessions: 60 mins $190 / 90 mins $250


To schedule a session with Jodi, please call 212 736 0999 Ext 1 and leave a message or email