Definition of SATISFIRMING

noun:  satisfying PLUS confirming: Satis/firming. 

  1. The feeling that one gets when new evidence both confirms long held beliefs, behaviors or opinions while also giving one a sense of satisfaction that one got it right the first time.

 Maybe Webster’s won’t give NeuraVite credit for coining a new word, but it feels good just the same.

New evidence that supports the clinical research that using ALA and a specialized form of vitamin B1 (Benfotiamine) together has a “robust” effect upon diminishing the neurological complication pathways of diabetes (read diabetic neuropathy). 1 plus 1 equals four here.

That includes both the cellular and organ system mayhem that glycosylation (sugar impregnation) visits on our bodies. Earlier studies found benefit from both of these supplements but this newest study puts the cherry on top.

The daily supplementation of adequate ALA and B1 is further clinically proven to ward off some of these oxidative boogeymen. NeuraVite contains these supplements, along with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, to deliver the best antidote to the neurotoxic brew that results in neuropathy.

We use only USP certified ingredients, and manufacture in a triple certified lab in the US. No questionable and unproven homeopathic substances that are difficult to clinically verify (or even pronounce!)

So, like we said… satisfirming

It feels so good to have gotten it right the first time.. for you
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