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 "They that are whole need not a physician..." Luke 5:31


Most of us have become easily lured by the foodie craze. Whether it is the high pressured cooking contests on the television networks or the newest restaurant opening in our city or town, Americans have shown their love for food.
Unfortunately our choice of foods have not loved us back. The average American diet is calorie rich but nutrient poor. Meaning, the foods that we are served do not provide us with the  best nutrients that help our bodies regenerate and heal. 70% of Americans are 'living large' resulting in the continual rise of diet related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and digestion complaints.
In order to regenerate and restore the body to it's best state of health, you require nutrient dense food. Vitamins, minerals and fiber found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans will provide you with greater health than you'll  likely receive from your next appointment with a medical specialist. Diet, lifestyle and behaviors are the best predictors of your longevity and well-being. Pills and procedures should be your last resource.
One small step towards making better choices can have great results for you, your partner/spouse and your family. As a member of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a Food For Life Instructor, I am teaching groups,  organizations and company employees how to live healthy and well,
and why it is medically important.
Your Healthy Living Tip:
When planning your meals, first, decide on which vegetables you'll be having. Make them abundant and plentiful. All other food choices will then have less room on your plate (and in your belly).
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