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It's official! We have all entered into an era that Forrester Research calls "the age of the customer." Okay - maybe we didn't need Forrester to tell us there has been a universal shift towards a customer first-perspective, but they are just one in a sea of voices that are strongly recommending business leaders put customers at the center of everything. We all intuitively know that customers are more empowered than they have ever been. In the always-on, hyperconnected world we now live in, customers wield a lot of influence! Wisely, company leaders now recognize that overlooking the needs and expectations of customers could have far-reaching consequences. They are now employing resources, like Satrix Solutions, to "systematically understand and serve increasingly powerful customers."

In October, IBM released an interesting report of 4,183 C-level executives from around the globe. It supported Forrester's claim that we now live in the age of the customer. A brief synopsis of the report shows that executives have now become "customer-obsessed" and are reprioritizing how they use customer feedback to influence the strategic direction of the organization.

For the last several years, we've actually been helping our own clients transition into the age of the customer. With programs like Customer Advisory Boards, Customer Perception Audits, Customer Journey Mapping, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys, our clients are making intelligent decisions for maximum impact and ROI. To learn more about how we can help you put customers front and center, email me at  

NPSConfShould You Publish Your Net Promoter Score?         

The pros and cons of making your score public, part 2. 
Congratulations! You've just received the final results of your Net Promoter Score� (NPS survey) and the results are quite good. Perhaps your NPS survey was conducted by an independent, third party, thereby ensuring the results would be perceived by others as reliable and trustworthy. Nonetheless, you probably understand how awareness of the superb service delivered to your customers could help your business.

I previously discussed the advantages of making your Net Promoter Score public to three distinct groups: (1) company employees, (2) interested parties, such as the Board of Directors, investors, etc., and (3) everyone else. Without a doubt, we believe in sharing high-level details with employees and key stakeholders, as it will help reinforce your customer-centric culture. For prospective customers, trumpeting your commitment to service excellence can serve as a differentiator and key selling point. But sharing your score outside of this select group has the potential to inadvertently open your organization up to scrutiny. Before you do so you should know there are some potential risks.

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Read Any Good Books Lately?
Get inspired with our top 5 "must reads" that will take your customer and employee feedback programs to the next level.  
As I'm sure you would agree, staying at the forefront of your industry is important. One way we are accomplishing this at Satrix Solutions is with a company-wide book club. Topics range from understanding what drives employee satisfaction to elements of a great presentation to strategies for improving customer loyalty. Every week, the team comes together to discuss the book of the moment and share our key takeaways from each chapter. These books have not only helped us empathize with customers, they've also produced some smart suggestions for improving how we engage with you.

With so many titles on the shelf it can be hard to select the perfect book for your organization to read. We've cut through all the noise and identified our top five picks to help your organization take its customer and employee feedback programs to the next level. I can't say for certain that these books hold the key to your success, but I can personally vouch that you'll gain a significant amount of knowledge in the field of customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.


Satrix Solutions Update
The outlook of Satrix Solutions remains bright. One reason I'm so encouraged these days is that the growing appreciation for customer and employee feedback programs has led to several new clients partnering with us. One client that recently joined our family is IO. Based here Phoenix, IO is a global leader in software-defined data centers and is pioneering the next generation of data center infrastructure technology. The nation's largest privately held wireless communications company is another remarkable organization that has engaged Satrix Solutions for an employee engagement / eNPS program.

Equally exciting is the news surrounding some of our existing clients. Both Covario, an Award winning search marketing agency, and Digitaria, a full service digital agency, were recognized by OMMA as leading agencies in their respective categories. Elemental Technologies has also received some accolades, including being ranked 26 on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500. And TriNet, a leading cloud-based provider of HR services, just announced its initial public offering of shares of its common stock. Incidentally, both TriNet and Covario will be among the speakers at the 8th Annual Net Promoter Customer Experience Conference in Miami, January 30-31, 2014! Honestly, it's extremely rewarding to be working with some of the most well-respected and hugely successful organizations across the map.   

On a separate topic, the feedback you provide has been a much-appreciated compass for our growing firm. Like you, we use the insights captured in our surveys to inspire improvement. We continue to reinvest in the organization to ensure we meet your evolving needs. One area we are focused on is our reporting. This helps to ensure that client and employee feedback is distributed to all of those in a position to affect change and that they are also held accountable to make necessary improvements. We've also expanded our repository of best practice training guides and resources to ensure your programs are a success. We will never stop seeking improvement so please continue to share your thoughts.  

As I've mentioned, Satrix Solutions experienced significant growth this past year. Before we turn the page to 2014, I want to take a moment to express my sincerest appreciation to each of you for supporting us over the last several years.



Evan Klein
Founder & President
Satrix Solutions 

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�Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc., and Fred Reichheld


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