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In order for the Lord to understand us as humans, He needed to be tempted as a human according to scripture. In Hebrews 4:15 it says, “For we have not a high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.” Jesus had to go from infancy to adulthood in order to accomplish this. He was tempted just like we are but did not give in to the sin. 
When Jesus came and “tabernacled” with us, it means he made his dwelling with mankind. He did not come as a little baby to stay a baby. In Luke 2:52 we find the only thing we know about his youth besides the time he was teaching in the temple.  It says, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  
It is no surprise that this was the case, since Proverbs teaches us to get wisdom because it is the principle thing, (Proverbs 4:7) so, growing in stature means he didn’t stay in the manger. He grew up. He matured. He went through everything a young person goes through, including puberty, but he did not sin. 
Then it says he increased in favor with God and man. Jesus never sought a reputation to be the one that demanded worship. He often talked about servanthood.   He taught plainly to plain people. He opened blind eyes. He touched lepers and healed them. He raised the dead. His reputation spread because he came to serve. To do this we also cannot stay babes in a manger and be fed milk as Christians. We are to mature, to grow up, and build a reputation of respect. We aren’t to be looked upon as someone better than someone else. We are to be servants just like he was.
He had to go through what he did so he can understand our infirmities. The word infirmities comes from the Greek word “asthenia” which means feebleness of mind or body, disease, sickness, and weakness. Don’t ever think that Jesus doesn’t understand what you are going through, because he bore our sicknesses, and infirmities and weaknesses. He understands better than anyone else. 
Maturity comes from acknowledging our weaknesses to God and allowing Him to bear them. Maturity comes when we seek wisdom and live by the Word of God. Maturity comes when we serve rather than demand being served.
We, like Jesus can not stay in the manger. We must go beyond the infant stage and grow up. He knew exactly what his assignment was and lived it out. He knew there would be suffering, pain, and grief, but he did it for you and me. Let us find our peace in knowing this, and press into the promises of God as we, too mature by becoming more and more like Jesus.

The birth of the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth, revealed in the New Testament, is most appreciated, understood, and validated as truth when you see and understand the prophecies of Him in the Old Testament that were given hundreds of years earlier. Isaiah, among others, prophesied His birth, His death, and His rulership in the future kingdom. Micah 5:2 even gave Bethlehem as His birthplace.
There were also things in the New Testament era that were prophetic about Jesus’ birth and death. Aa good example of this has to do with one of the most remarkable stories of Jesus birth relating to the shepherds and their sheep, an untold story never shared in church.
The only story we ever hear is the one in Luke 2:8-20 about the angel’s announcement, their trip to the manger, and how they told of it to everyone all around, but that is the extent of the story told to us. However, there is so much more that is prophetic in the story which we never hear about.
There were shepherds and flocks all over Israel, but these were not just any shepherds and not just any sheep. These were very special. A passage written in the Jewish Mishnah (Shekalim 7:4) leads to the conclusion that these were the sheep from which came the lambs used for the sacrifices at the Temple in Jerusalem. As the lambs were born, these were the shepherds specifically assigned to handle the birthing and care of these lambs. These were birthed, kept, and raised at a very special sheepfold in Bethlehem called “the tower of the flock”, or in Hebrew, the “Migdal Eder.” This “tower of the flock” is spoken of in Micah 4:8, “and thou, Oh Tower of the flock, the stronghold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shalt come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem.” The first dominion (rulership), the kingdom come, it all speaks of the coming of a ruler who proceeds out of the “tower of the flock,” where Jesus, our sacrificial lamb was born. He is the “stronghold.”
When the angel announced the birth and referred to the manger, the shepherds knew exactly where to go. The manger, a food trough for the sacrificial lambs, had been vacated (emptied) because all the sheep were being kept in the field day and night. They promptly headed to the Migdal Eder where they found the infant Messiah. He was born there because it was the only space available that would give them the needed privacy for a birthing event.
Just as the sacrificial lambs for the Temple in Jerusalem were born in the Tower of The Flock in Bethlehem, so also was the sacrificial Lamb of God born in the Tower of the Flock in Bethlehem to be sacrificed in Jerusalem.

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A little Inspiration

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers
May 15, 2015
A prophetic word given to Helen Sanders from the Lord.

A much needed word for today although it was given over five years ago. God always warns his people through his prophets first.

There is a wind coming, again I would say, there is a wind coming, and I am in the wind. It shall come as surely as the sun rises and sets, and it shall produce what I call it to do. The wind shall bring change, and it shall change rapidly. It shall bring destruction and it shall bring restoration. The wind is of me; do not think that I will not be in the wind, for have I not said that I would blow on the houses of the dark side and blow things in such a way as to bring perversion out of this land? Have I not said that I would bring glory to the land and it shall rise and be upon the earth in such a way that you will know that I am God. Yes, there is a wind coming and it shall blow and cause shaking in such a way that there will be cleansing, a cleansing of the land. I have seen the sin and it comes into my nostrils, and it is a stench so great that I cannot stand the smell any more. I will bring judgment upon the land, and it shall be cleansed. Oh that my people would have brought the word in a mighty way so that I do not have to bring judgment, but they have failed, and they have gone the way of the world. I have wept, I have prayed, I have interceded for the people, but to no avail. They have called good evil, and evil good. I have wept much, but it is now time for cleansing, and I will bring it. It shall come suddenly, and there shall be much wailing and crying in the streets. There shall be much pointing of the finger, saying “where is God”, and they shall know where I am. I am in the cleansing and I am in the wind. I have had many cry unto me, but the sounds of their cries are far outweighed by the sound of the rebellious nation that I am soon to cleanse. Why would you not see that I hate sin? Why would you not see that I have called your nation to repentance, and it would not? Yes, there is a remnant, but there are fewer than you think saith the Lord, and I will preserve the remnant, but they shall see that their prayers will be rewarded by the cleansing of this land. The wind will blow at all four corners. There shall be shaking and twisting and uprooting of the sin that has been a stench in my nostrils, and the land will be redeemed by this wind. I have said it would come, and it is at the door. Prepare yourselves for the time is short. Make ready for the coming of this wind, and stand strong in my faith, for the cleansing shall be as the wind that uprooted the house that stood on sand. It shall fall, and it shall be crushed when the winds come. Prepare yourselves like you have never done before. There are many that need to hear my word, and be saved from destruction, but there are many that will not hear. The wind is coming saith the Lord. The wind is coming. Be prepared saith the Lord.
Many are saying "why is God allowing this?" My friends it isn't God that is allowing this. We have brought into this country a religion that is based on hate, and it is determined to take us down. Why were they allowed in? The answer is simple. We as the Church have not shared Christ with friends and families. We sit back in our houses and spend our time on frivolous things that are empty and have no life in them, while our nation turns itself away from God. We blame others and don't take responsibility for our own sin. Yes, sin my friends. Sin is so rampant in the streets. there is no REPENTANCE in the Church and in this nation. God has warned us over and over yet we refuse to change. Things are going to get a lot worse, and the freedom we have had is going to be gone. You may call yourself Christian, but are living in fornication, which is sex outside marriage, and adultery, which is sex with someone other than your husband or wife. You may think that it is okay, but God calls it sin. Many are into pornography and are drunkards. There will be none of these in Heaven. Repent, and turn back to God before he says "I never knew you". Many mock God and blaspheme. Evil is called good and good called evil. This is what the Bible said it would be like before Christ returns. Wake up, repent, get right with God before it is too late. Sad to say I don't see a great revival coming to America the way some say. God is judging this nation, and out of the judgment will come a remnant. We are living in the days of Noah. Just like then evil was continual. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Why would we think it won't happen here?
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