Dear Friends,

This is an updated version of our April 2nd newsletter.

On behalf of the HERS family, I hope you're well and safely sheltering in place. We know these are unsettling times and imagine you, like us, are coping as best you can.

Our team is staying busy, concentrating on supporting patients by keeping our Fremont location open. And because not all staff members are working, we're supporting one another through group text, encouraging one another through memes, self-care ideas, and sharing beautiful acts of kindness.

Staying busy and being Mister Rogers-like helpers is in our DNA. And we're heartened that other helpers are reaching out to us, more than ever before.

Helpers have provided multiple donations of homemade masks (thank you, Lisa Stambaugh, Laurel King & the seamstresses at Christ the King Lutheran Church of Fremont, Nancy Johnson, Linda Pearson, and Kirstin Litz). Helpers include grant-makers and fundraisers, like our friend Ellen Woods. And helpers include patients who express relief and gratitude for our services. These gestures uplift us.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and find that it uplifts you, too.

Warm regards,


Tina Fernandez Steckler
Executive Director

ps. Don't miss my very important final note at the end of this newsletter.