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Fresh faces, and more fresh faces! Welcome, welcome - to all the new members joining us this month! Welcome back - to all our returning families! The leaves are turning red and it finally starts to feel like fall. 


It's been a busy summer at Buddings, and we're so pleased to let you know about some of our new features:


In case you missed it last week, Buddings has expanded service to include Saturdays, and Talia and Sarah are in the house this week - cooking up something... delicious!


Our Ask At Daycare program is a new series of researched blog posts, resources for parents, and workshops and presentations. Our first topic is one we hear often: children's eating. We're going to do the research and pass on what we learn.


The kindergarteners are ready to head off to school, and the new Big Kids in the Club have begun meeting up in the afternoons. More on our program of structured play and learning below! 


See you soon!


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What is the Big Kids Club?
Childcare on Saturday? Piece of Cake!
Ask At Daycare
Parking at Buddings - under construction
Parent Resource Section



What is the Buddings Big Kids' Club?


School might be back in session as early as next week, if the tentative agreement is accepted, and while our kindergarten kids will be missed, we're so excited to see them off to their new adventures. 


We've all learned a lot from Claire and Zak, Nolan and Avery, and as they move on, some of their younger friends are moving up. We have a new crew of Big Kids Club members ready to share adventures. 


If you haven't heard, Big Kids Club is our afternoon program of structured play and learning. It's a mix of songs, stories, discussion, and experiential activities suitable for all the kids, but especially geared towards 3 - 5 year olds.


This month, the theme is "All About Me," and Jen introduces the framework and philosophy on the blog. 


Big Kids Club runs from 1 - 4pm and there's no additional cost for joining the classes. If you really want to hear what it's all about, bring your buddy in for an afternoon and let them tell you all about it! 

Need Childcare on Saturdays? Piece of Cake! 

You got that right! 

Buddings Daycare is open on Saturdays, with social, educational care from 10am - 4pm, with an awesome class, activity, or presentation, scheduled every week!

This week, with help from our young chefs, Talia and Sarah get things cooking!

It's pineapple! It's upside-down! And there are cherries on top... or bottom... It's hard to know, but it's definitely delicious, and if you're interested in more information about our Saturday programming, check out the post on our blog

Saturday hours are from 10am - 4pm, and Buddings members pay just $15/hour. 

Not a member yet? Apply now!

Ask At Daycare
Did you know that the teachers at Buddings are all university-educated? They hold degrees in Political Science, English Language Instruction, Psychology, and Education, with specializations in Early Childhood Education. 

Not only that, but our teachers see a very wide range of personalities, abilities, and behaviours. And we're still always learning new things!

Early Childhood Education is a dynamic and evolving field and Buddings is committed to on-going professional development to keep our perspectives open and help us better understand kids. Of course, a lot of what we learn is also applicable to parents, and caregivers of all kinds. We'd like to share!

This fall, we're pleased to launch our Ask At Daycare series of resources and talks with a presentation. This October, the teachers and staff at Buddings will be looking into the all-important question of children's nutrition. 

Do you have ideas for topics you'd like us to cover? Send them to Talia to have them considered for future posts.

Parking at Buddings - Adventure continues...
Last week, the surfacing on the parking lot on the back was striped, and then... nothing else happened. 

The fences are down, but the work is clearly incomplete. Our reserved parking spot for pick-ups and drop-offs downstairs is still your safest bet, but while the lots is accessible, we've moved one spot back to the upstairs lot. 

The construction should be wrapping up soon, but in the meantime, if you get a parking ticket or have any trouble, please be sure to let Talia know.

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