Turning Challenges into Co-opportunities

Collective REMAKE presents a
Cooperative Education & Development Workshop Series

Saturdays • Through April 27, 2019
Free and Open to the Public • Please let us know you are coming. contactus@collectiveremake.com
Next Workshop
March 9, 2019
1 pm - 4 pm
Creating a Vision for Your Cooperative
through the Business Model Canvas
Facilitated by Karen Ochoa
from the LA Coop LAB
Photos shown are from Collective REMAKE's Workshops Series held at Southern California Library, 2016, and Fair Chance Project, Summer 2017, where LA Coop Lab facilitates the Business Model Canvas exercise. Photos in bottom row are from 2018 Summer Seminar held at Southwest College.
Community Healing and Trauma Prevention Center
MLK Center for Public Health
11833 Wilmington Ave • Los Angeles, CA 90059
The objective of this workshop is to use the Business Model Canvas and other tools to build the business model of your co-op project, including:

  • Value Proposition and Customer Segments
  • Customer Relationships
  • Channels for Reaching Customers
  • Revenue Model
  • Cost Model
  • Key Resources, Activities, and Partnerships
To accomplish this, we will:
  • present an overview of the building blocks of the canvas illustrated by an example from an existing cooperative business

  • provide time for teams to do a first pass at the whole canvas, as well as time to debrief team assignments of the specific elements of the canvas.

Collective REMAKE is offering a series of TEN exciting interactive workshops to all who are interested in building and/or supporting the development of cooperative businesses with people in communities that are economically disenfranchised. We are specifically focussed on demonstrating that cooperative businesses, owned and run democratically by the workers, can create dignified and sustainable work opportunities for people returning home from prison or jail. Cooperatives working together can provide a local economy that allows people to take control and contribute to the health and wellness of their families and their community.
Upcoming Workshops Include:

  • March 16, • 1 - 4 pm • An Introduction to Cooperative Business Budget and Finance, and How to Write a Business Plan.

  • March 23, 2019 - NO WORKSHOP

All workshops will be held at the
Community Healing and Trauma Prevention Center • MLK Center for Public Health
11833 Wilmington Ave • Los Angeles, CA 90059

Location: Right off the Green Line Metro Stop, Willowbrook/Rosa Parks .
PARKING . Don't be fooled, the parking lot in front of the building is closed so it may look like there is no-one there. We will post signs. There is parking lot directly across the street on Bandera just south of E. 118th St. Go West on E. 118th and left on Bandera. Parking is on the right.
Karen Ochoa works as a mentor and program coordinator for Antioch University's Bridge program, which provides free higher education to low-income students. She has an M.A. in Urban Sustainability and is passionate about building worker capacity in Los Angeles.

The L.A. Co-op Lab is a collective that builds capacity for worker ownership in Los Angeles.We host a variety of workshops and events where aspiring worker-owners can learn how to start and sustain a cooperative business, together. We are also members of a  national peer network  of co-op developers as well as a financial cooperative that is committed to building more distributed ownership and democracy in local economies.

Our aim is to advance worker-ownership as one way to push back against inequality, gentrification, and the gig economy by helping people who are often excluded from good jobs to collectively create their own and meet community needs.

Collective REMAKE : Art, Business, Education, Jobs, News, People, and Recycling for Sustainability  is a unique social enterprise—in Los Angeles County—designed to support the creation of worker-owned businesses and other kinds of cooperatives with people who have been incarcerated and other individuals who are marginalized socially and economically due to race, sex, class, gender identity, age or ability.

A worker cooperative is a for-profit business that is owned and managed by the people that work there. Workers come together to meet common financial, social and cultural needs for themselves, their community and future generations. There are not enough economic opportunities for people in South Los Angeles, especially for people when they come home from prison or jail. The lack of housing, job opportunities, and services make re-entry extremely difficult. Worker cooperatives are a real option for people who historically experience life-long discrimination in the workforce as the workers are their own boss and they decide the hiring criteria. 
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