Newman News
July 25, 2020
Re-Opening Plan Update
July 17, 2020

Dear Newman community,

As you all know, the Governor has ordered the closure of all indoor activities in California, including indoor worship services. On Wednesday, I met with our Pastoral Council to come up with a plan to best serve the needs of our community at this time. We also consulted with our friends at Good Sam to make sure that we were making the best use of our facilities.

On Sunday, July 19, we will have a Mass live streamed from the church at 12:30. It will be available on our website live, and also throughout the rest of Sunday. The only people in the congregation will be staff members who are serving as readers.

Starting the following weekend, July 25-26, through the end of August (or until restrictions get lifted, whichever is sooner) we will be offering two opportunities for Mass: Continue reading
Emergency Food Distribution Network
During this time of uncertainty, Catholic Charities has created the Emergency Food Distribution Network to assist individuals and families who are in need of food assistance and to provide it in a safe and CoVid-19 compliant manner. Learn more.
Renter and Homeowner Assistance
A resource of San Diego Renter and Homeowner assistance programs.
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