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Get Your Registration In NOW !
Saturday, September 1 Is The Last Day To Register!

Been sitting on the fence or just waiting until you have time?

Well, it is time! Saturday, September 1, 2018 is the last day to get your registration in the mail for the " Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes"! Registration is by mail only!  That means that you have until noon on Saturday to get it in!

To get the registration forms, information, etc. go to

There are almost 200 people coming to the Quilt Camp. New friends! New projects! New techniques! It's be a blast!

Hope to see you there!

Ruth Has Two Classes Just For You!

Ruth has two classes at this Fall's Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes in West Virginia.

The first is class #106 on the "Striated Star". This is a beautiful quilt. It is one of my top five quilts, and Ruth has designed hundreds! It is stunning! And, depending on the colors you choose it can make a variety of statements - all of which are powerful. The dynamic power says "I'm not easy to make! Ha!"

However, as is the case in many things in quilting, how you make it determines its difficulty. And this is not a difficult quilt - at least if you let Ruth walk you through her "Tips & Techniques" to make it accurate, yet easy! Once you take her class you'll love this magnificent star where the points do not have to meet another star!

This is a wonderful quilt from which to fit any size bed.

Quilt of Many Colors Her second is class #206 on "The Quilt of Many Colors". This was the quilt that gave "birth" to the Perfect Corner Method. With this quilt and class you will learn that cut-off points are a thing of the past, that all blocks can be the same size, and sashing straight.

You see, Ruth designed this quilt for a block of the month and instructed me to send it out in an email too some 600-800 quilters. After I had pressed "send" she realized that most quilters would not get good results using the "sew & flip" method of making corner triangles. So she invented the proper way to make corner triangles that are accurate and save fabric!

During that first block of the month of 30 quilters, even the very beginners made perfect blocks!

By the way, these pictures are of the original quilts!

But more about the Quilt Camp at Cedar Lakes.... 
Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes!

The Quilt Camp At Cedar Lakes is held from Sunday - Friday, October 14 - 19, 2018 at the Cedar Lakes Convention Center in rural Ripley, West Virginia. It is nestled in the rolling hills and valley where you can see deer, trees changing colors, and piece in peace.

There is something for everyone! All techniques at all levels. There are 33 classes and 19 instructors - a lot to choose from.

To see a summary of all of the classes and information, Click Here!

Take a look at their offerings! Get together with some friends! Come as a group!

There is still space available so visit or email the host, Linda, at

We'll see you there! Sew, stop by and say "Hi!"
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