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Season's Greetings from Revolution Brake

What's STOPPING you, BIG brakes or the "same old, same old"? Isn't it time for you to REVOLUTIONize your brake system?

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What to Expect from Your Front Big Brake Kit

Are you putting more power to the ground than the manufacturer ever intended? If not, you probably intend to, right? Does someone you love ride with you or drive your car occasionally? Are you an absolutely insane frustrated race driver that should have been born into an F1 family?.... If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need MORE BRAKE!!

I drive a 14 mile course over a mountain pass every day to the office. I love the twisties. There are 68 turns each way all posted at 45 or 50 mph, of course you know what that means, yeah, you just have to read the fine print where it says 2x.

I have this same system on my car and have yet to see ANY brake fade even pulling it down from 140 to 80 (and the occasional 50) time after time. I don't take too many wild chances in my search for the limit, but if I do, I know I can rely on my brakes. Anyone who has done any competition driving can tell you how scary and frustrating it is to deal with brake fade.

I've been there, maybe you have too. Our systems take care of all that.

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Brake System EfficiencyRevolution Brake Big Brake Kit
The efficiency of a brake system depends on a few basic factors:
  1. The ability of the caliper to apply enough clamping force to decelerate the rotating rotor.

  2. The ability of the caliper pads to maintain adequate friction properties despite heat generated by continuous brake applications.

  3. The ability of the rotor to absorb and dissipate the heat.

  4. AND the necessary traction from the tires to allow the brake system to be effective.


In This Issue
What to Expect from Your Front Brake Kit
Brake System Efficiency
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Get 10% Off All Our  Big Brake Kits!
Revolution Brake Big Brake Kit
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