Help The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC) save Barnard's Orchard, a fourth generation family farm in Chester County!
Barnard's Entrance Sign

95% of the project costs have been raised and we need your help to raise the last 5%!

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Project Update:
TLC is working to conserve Barnard's Orchard and its 75 beautiful and productive  acres. To date TLC has raised 
$863,000 toward the $901,000 total project cost, leaving a balance of $38,000 (less than 5% of the total project cost).
Securing these funds now will successfully conclude this important land conservation project and keep  intact a 1,200+ acre corridor of vital lands.
Barnard's Orchard aerial view
Here's what is at stake, and once plowed under, irreplaceable:
  1. 74.3 acres of important agricultural soils across two parcels
  2. Fourth generation family owned farm established in 1862
  3. Orchard and orchard store are a community staple with generations growing up visiting the property
  4. 32 varieties of apples
  5. Apple cider
  6. Pumpkins
  7. Snapdragons and freesia
  8. Peaches
  9. Additional fruits and veggies grown on site
  10. Produce donated to the area food cupboard when possible and collection taken at the counter
  11. Hosts school groups at no cost to educate children about the orchard
  12. Rural vista along Rt. 842 for public enjoyment with ½ mile of road frontage
  13. Protects prime agricultural soils and keeps them in active agriculture via the agricultural easement
  14. Protects portion of a first order stream and wooded, steep slopes
  15. Protects the groundwater recharge abilities of the woods
  16. Maintains the existing riparian buffer to protect the watershed
  17. Protecting the stream corridor benefits downstream neighbors-over 500,000 people depend on the Brandywine Creek watershed for public and individual water supplies
  18. Protected woodlands are part of an unbroken corridor extending north onto Cheslen Preserve
  19. Stream corridor and woods are home to multiple endangered and threatened plant species
  20. Farmland and open space benefits everyone - keeping the costs of community services under control: For $1 of tax revenue from farmland, only 2-12 cents of community services are required. Residential costs are $1.33 for every $1 of tax revenue.
Apple trees in bloom.
Be a part of the solution by helping conserve Barnard's Orchard for future generations! 

Donate online here OR send check payable to TLC to:
The Land Conservancy for
Southern Chester County
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Avondale, PA 19311
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All donations are 100% tax deductible.

If you have questions about this project,  please contact TLC today.

Thank you,
Gwendolyn M. Lacy, Esq.
Executive Director

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In sad contrast...
Until just the last month, the view along Strasburg Road in  Romansville was a beautiful vista of fields and forests just minutes from Marshallton  and north of Barnard's Orchard.
Now, in anticipation of "Stargazers Village," 62 acres were clear cut in a matter of
Clear-cutting for Stargazer's Village on Strasburg Rd.
What we formerly knew as landscape, re-shaped to make way for a new vista:
95 single-family homes and 39 townhomes for a total of 134 new residences.
This property has less acreage than Barnard's Orchard so
help us eliminate such a future for Barnard's by contributing today!
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