Fallbrook's back nine. Photo: Ken Seals, May 30, 2016                   

It was announced last week that there would soon be a welcome change in management at Fallbrook Golf Course. 

By June 28th, there was a verbal deal on the table between Jack Lamberson and Harold Vaubel of HGM Golf Enterprises of Arizona.There are still legal documents to be drafted and signed but Mr. Vaubel feels confident enough about the deal that he and his crew have began working on the golf course, with special attention being paid to the greens. 

Mr. Vaubel, who is an agronomist and retired golf course superintendent, believes he can successfully restore the golf course to its former glory.  And not a moment too soon. The fairways haven't been watered since April of 2015 and the greens are sadly neglected.  Fallbrook Golf Course will test Mr. Vaubel's team and, once restored, be a wonderful advertisement of their knowledge, expertise and skills. 

 Fallbrook's front nine, fairway #2. Photo: Joan McConnell, June 26, 2016  

We can only hope that a deal will be finalized soon and the course will be saved.  The community wholeheartedly supports a new owner!

Additionally, SaveFallbrookGolfCourse.com would like to establish a non-profit to organize and underwrite juvenile golf efforts and other tax-exempt work.  If you are interested in being part of this worthy endeavor, please contact us

Stay tuned! Thank you! 
The Steering Committee

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July 30 2013
Just a few years ago, Fallbrook Golf Course was a Southern California gem. With your help, it can be again! SaveFallbrookGolfCourse.com Photo: Teresa Platt, View from the second green, July 30, 2013
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