BREAKING NEWS: The Fallbrook Golf Course is closing as of March 14, we hear from the Pro Shop staff. What happens after that? They simply don't know.     
One of the few groundskeepers left at Fallbrook Golf Course works on the neglected third fairway. Photo: Teresa Platt, March 3, 2016                     

On March 4th we were told the course would be open another two years. On March 5th, were told Fallbrook Golf Course is closing on March 14th! 

Why? We have a theory. The  property consists of 116 acres on two separate legal parcels described by metes and bounds description which are referenced as Parcels 1 and 2 as set forth on Exhibit A attached to the Grant Deed conveying title to Fallbrook Golf Course, Inc. The two legal parcels are made up of nine Assessor Parcel Numbers, NOT nine legal parcels. The subdivision laws under the California Subdivision Map Act Government Code sections 66410 et seq. (the "SMA") establish regulations and controls for the subdivision of land. As a general rule, the SMA prohibits selling real property that has not been properly subdivided and therefore a sale of a "portion" of either of the two legal parcels would be in violation of the SMA. Experts in the field have cautioned that a subdivision of either of the two legal parcels for housing development or mitigation banking purposes would be VERY difficult, if not impossible, and that such a process, if attempted, could take a decade or longer and there would be no assurance of success.

As a result, have the various escrows (residential development, mitigation banking) collapsed? Is Fallbrook Golf Course, Inc. walking away from the loan? Will beautiful Gird Valley host boarded-up buildings and a weed-infested course? Or will a new owner--or even the community--step up and buy the course, restore it and create a wonderful future for Gird Valley? Will the neighbors and   El NiƱo  help save the course? 

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  Neighbor Annie Youngblood gives the course a little TLC.    Photo: Joan McConnell

It's not just about golfing and fun at the Clubhouse. Just a few years ago, Fallbrook Golf Course was a Southern California gem. With your help, it can be again!  Photo: Teresa Platt, 2012
A BIG THANK YOU to Fallbrook for showing up in force at the Jan 30th meeting at the Fallbrook Library and at the
Fallbrook Community Planning Group meeting on February 15. 

Thank you for your support and spread the word!