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Save Our Librarians!

Did You  Know?  

The Seattle School District has planned budget cuts for fall which reduce many school librarians to a part-time position in K-8s, middle & high schools. See School Board Special Meeting Budget Work Session (1/16/19)


The time is NOW to voice your concerns to the School Board and ask for a Restoration Plan to restore funding for our librarians

What Can You Do? 

1. Write the School Board at
"Dear School Board & Superintendent.  Please don't cut our librarians.  They are crucial.   It is inequitable and denies access to our most at-need students."

2. Speak at a School Board Meeting on the topic of Budget & Librarians. Next meeting is Wed, Feb 6.  See " How to sign up to speak at a meeting."

3. Have your student send "Library Love Letters" by Feb 14 to and the School Board at describing what the library means to them (see more points below).

4. And remember to Vote Yes on the Levies (Props 1 & 2). We can't afford to lose any more resources for our schools and students. The BHS PTSA voted to endorse both levies, recognizing how critical these funds are to keeping our schools functioning and in good repair.

BHS Library Could Use Your Love!

Next year the library is only funded  part-time. 

Please  share your love of the BHS library and the impact the library has 
had on your student over the years by Feb 14 to BOTH of  the emails below!

Submission ideas about your love of the library |  Drawings, comics, poems, handwritten notes, photos, stories, fan art, collages, songs, voice recordings.

Potential topics | Learning to love reading, how your library has impacted your student/family, how your school library has evolved in the modern age, special events (like Book-It, Global Reading Challenge, Author visits, Reading campaigns), Hour of Code/Robotics, student voice & choice, equity & your school library, research support, Maker Space, safe spaces/identity safety, social/emotional support, puzzles & games, collaborative work space, community & relationships, tech & innovation -- "Future Ready" citizens.

Links to more information:

Quotes you can use (it's even better if you
add your own words too):

"Ask the Board to reconsider allowing Librarians to be cut to half-time."

"Cutting librarians and eliminating after-school library access will prevent students from getting essential tutoring."
"Reducing Librarians is not equitable. Students who will be hurt most by such cutbacks are those who need librarian support, may not have books at home or may need help with credit retrieval."

"Cutting our librarian by .5 would keep more than 400 classes out of the library each year!"

"Please reconsider cutting librarians."

"A decision to cut the hours of school librarians is a decision to:
* Cut access to legitimate research instruction
*Limit enrichment programs such as author visits, extra-curricular STEM programs, and social responsibility programs
*Demonstrate to students that libraries aren't central to student educations
*Jeopardize the academic achievement of Seattle students
*Limit relationships and access to information literacy advocates
*Weaken collaborative teaching efforts across disciplines"

"Cutting our librarian by .5 would deny library access to students, before school and at lunch, over 12,200 times."

"Libraries will only be open 2 days a week!"

"We need a Restoration Plan. Please restore funding for librarians as soon as possible."

"Our Seattle students deserve access to full time librarians in their schools. These kids will grow up and become voters. We want them to be well informed and to understand what they are reading when they are voting in future elections whether it is for a President, a school levy or a school board member." 

"Well-informed students and citizens make better choices. Please retain our teacher librarians at full time." 
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