Save Over 50% and Master the Process of Inner Bonding
No Other Program I Offer Comes Close to the Value and Savings You Get In Complete Self-Love: The Ultimate Collection
Hello ,

I’ve been practicing and teaching the process of Inner Bonding for 35 years. 
In all that time, I’ve seen Inner Bonding transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Where other therapies, modalities and processes failed, Inner Bonding became the powerful, transformational tool that people could use on their own to manage their painful feelings and cultivate self-love.
But simply learning about Inner Bonding or reading about it isn’t enough. One must do the six steps completely, and in order for Inner Bonding to heal your painful emotions, one must also practice the process consistently, whenever one feels anything other than at peace with oneself.
These are the common challenges for most when it comes to Inner Bonding and developing self-love. 
That’s why I created Complete Self-Love: The Ultimate Collection.  
It helps you master the steps of Inner Bonding, it’s highly personalized , and it contains access to a community of like-minded people on the same journey who are there to answer your questions and support you.
I also wanted to make this Collection as affordable as possible, so I slashed the price over 50% over what you’d pay if you were to purchase each of the components of the Collection separately.
All the Instruction, Practice, and Support You Need to Master Inner Bonding and Experience Self-Love for HALF OFF
Everything you need to learn, master, practice Inner Bonding with 24/7 community support is included for HALF OFF what you’d normally pay if you were to get all these components together. That’s only $399.95 and all of the following is included:
You’ll get INNER BONDING FUNDAMENTALS , so if you aren’t familiar yet with Inner Bonding, or need a refresher, this is a quick-start first step.
  • Includes an 80-minute Introductory Video Lecture by Dr. Margaret Paul + a 7-Day Inner Bonding Course. A $49.95 value. Included!
You’ll get DAILY COACHING AND INSPIRATION , so you’ll be able to master the Inner Bonding process easily, and understand it fully. 
  • Includes immediate access to the Love Yourself: A 30-Day, At-Home Inner Bonding Experience with written, audio, and video content and daily action steps. A $199 value. Included!
This Collection is HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED TO YOU , so you can identify YOUR false beliefs and hidden patterns, based on your background.
  • Includes a 6-month membership to SelfQuest, an interactive tool to guide you through uncovering the unique aspects of your past relationships, what your specific incorrect beliefs that feed your Wounded Self. This tool will also help you practice Inner Bonding in real-time through an interactive process that saves each session, so you can review the steps and track your progress. A $397 value. Included!
You’ll also get 24/7 SUPPORT, CARING, AND COMPASSION, so you can have your questions answered in case you get stuck or need feedback from others on the journey to self-love.
  • Includes a 6-month membership to IB Village, an online community support to lean on and inspire you along the way. A $179.70 value. Included!
If you were to get all of this together you’d pay over $800. But with the Ultimate Collection, you get everything for only $399.95. Here’s where to learn more or start the process:

 The ONLY Self-Help, Self-Love Program You’ll Ever Need at the Lowest Price I Offer
If you were to invest in ANY self-help program this year, this is the only one you need. That’s because there’s simply no better value for learning how to have self-love, how to heal painful emotions, and how to improve ALL aspects of your life:

  • Your relationships
  • Your love life
  • Your physical health and emotional wellbeing
  • Your career and life purpose
  • Your finances
  • And more!

Imagine mastering a healing process that can improve how you feel, how you relate, and how successful you are in life. 
Inner Bonding and self-love are THAT powerful!
That’s why I can’t stress enough what an incredible value this is, and how much peace and joy it’ll bring to your life.
I so look forward to having you join me and the Inner Bonding community in mastering this healing process!
Dr. Margaret Paul
P.S. The individual components of my Ultimate Collection are designed to work together to make the process of Inner Bonding easier to learn and practice. That’s because it’s highly personalized and interactive (with the SelfQuest membership) and helps you stay supported and motivated (through the IB Village membership). That’s why it’s the best value I offer to help you heal and thrive.