March 2019

The first day of Spring is next week, are your HVAC systems ready to combat the rising temperatures of the Spring and Summer ahead? Planning preventive maintenance checkups for the changing seasons is an excellent way to stay on top of facility management and help avoid costly equipment failures.

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Proactive, Preventative Maintenance
New or old, every building will require repairs at some point. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art office tower equipped with the latest high-efficiency systems, or a dated apartment complex with an envelope 60 years old, no property owner will be spared unwanted capital expenditures indefinitely. But there is something that can be done to lessen the cost and seriousness of those hits: regular preventative maintenance.
Spring Cleaning your HVAC
Spring cleaning isn't just for your closets and desks - making sure your facility's cooling systems are clean, well-maintained and properly functioning should be top of mind when the weather begins to warm up.
Here's why...
The United States is home to roughly 6 million industrial facilities and commercial buildings. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, they waste nearly $60 billion in energy costs annually.

Let us help you decrease operating costs and improve your building’s energy performance through customized solutions for your heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems!

The key to preventive maintenance is that it is routinely performed prior to equipment failure, whereas reactive maintenance and emergency repairs are executed once something has already failed. Not only does preventive routine maintenance improve the chances of your facility functioning at its’ best, but it also helps to dramatically reduce potential costs.

The impact that routine preventive maintenance can have on your facility is broad – affecting cost, comfort, downtime, and the overall life of your system. 

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