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New and Newsworthy
Upcoming Power Hour Dates with a Recap & Resources from January
The next ACEs Virtual Power Hour and Case Discussions (Formerly ACEs Virtual Office Hours) will be held on:

Tuesday, April 13th 2021
6:30 to 7:30 PM.

Dr. Pradeep Gidwani will present on "Culturally Sensitive Care." Register below!
Our most recent ACEs Virtual Power Hour was led by Dr. Wendy Pavlovich and centered on anticipatory guidance for children and families with a history of trauma and adversity.

Dr. Pavlovich provided additional resources for childhood and family trauma which can be found below and a clip of the session found above.
ACEs Aware Releases New Data On Trainings and Screenings
Since launching the ACEs Aware initiative in December 2019, more than 15,500 providers have taken the training. About 9,100 Medi-Cal providers in California have attested to completing the training and are receiving Medi-Cal payment for conducting qualified ACE screenings.

Medi-Cal providers – primarily pediatric, family medicine, and internal medicine physicians – have conducted over 155,000 ACE screenings of more than 130,000 unique Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Of the unique beneficiaries screened, 6 percent had an ACE score of four or greater, indicating a high risk for toxic stress.
Dr. Hilary Bowers Speaks at Critical Issues in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference
Children’s Primary Care Medical Group Pediatrician, Dr. Hilary Bowers is speaking at the Critical Issues in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference on Friday, March 19. Dr. Bowers’ presentation is centered on ACEs in the Primary Care Setting. 

Additional notable AAP-CA3 speakers include Dr. Pradeep Gidwani, "A Culture of ONE: Not Losing Track of the Person," and Dr. Yi Hui Liu, "Interdisciplinary Joint Complex Case Discussion."

Follow the link for more information and how to register.
AAP-CA3 Featured As An ACEsAware Grantee
ACEsAware recently highlighted the work AAP-CA3 is doing as a grantee. Click the video above for a clip of the presentation with a special Q&A section with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.
Local Pediatricians Call For the Safe Reopening of San Diego Schools
AAP-CA3 Pediatricians are seeing alarming effects of the pandemic on school-aged children.

"Dr. Janet Crow, a pediatrician at UC San Diego, talks every day with middle and high school kids who are heading toward depression or are flat-out depressed, she said."

Read the full article below.
Resources To Help You Support Your Patients
Updated Self-Care Handout on
AAP-CA3 ACEs Website
Our updated Self-Care Handout is available for download on the ACEs tab of our website in English and Spanish.

Stay tuned for our upcoming versions in Farsi and Arabic!
Highlights From Recent Trainings/Webinars
(We watched them in case you didn't have time to!)
ACEs Aware February Webinar Highlights: Dr. Devika Bhushan
Watch this short clip from ACEs Aware's February webinar. Highlights from Dr. Bhushan include:
  • Secondary health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Underlying mechanisms
  • How we can address COVID-19 health impacts
ACEs Aware February Webinar Highlights: Dr. Eric Ball
Watch this short clip from ACEs Aware's February webinar. Highlights from Dr. Ball include effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on practitioners, their patients and their families.
ACEs Aware February Webinar Highlights: Dr. Martina Jelley
Watch this short clip from ACEs Aware's February webinar. Highlights from Dr. Jelley include how to care for adults with ACEs during a pandemic.
Upcoming Webinars/Events/Trainings
(Skimmed down so you know these are worthwhile!)
AAP-CA3 ACEs Committee Meeting

March 16th, 2021
6:30 PM-8 PM
AAP-CA3 DB Peds Committee Meting

April 19th, 2021
6:30 PM - 8PM.
Steven J. Parker Memorial Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Conference

March 5th and March 12th 2021
1-5 PM (EST)
Panel Discussion: Spiritual Aspects of Maltreatment, Prevention of ACEs and Corporal Punishment

March 18, 2021
Session 6: Intimate Partner Violence: An All Too Common Trauma

March 18, 2021

Critical Issues in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference

March 19, 2021
8:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Impact of Childhood Exposure to IPV and other ACEs on Health and Well-being Throughout the Lifespan (Kathy Francheck, MD)

April 8, 2021

Balancing ACEs with HOPE: Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences (Robert Sege, MD, PhD)

April 22, 2021