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Virtual Coordinate System now in final beta    
We are in final beta testing of our Virtual Coordinate System software, and we are excited! This powerful system makes it even easier to position multiple silicon probes with our
Multi-Probe Micromanipulator (MPM).   
As one observer said: "Where have you been all my life?"
With the VCS system, probes are automatically registered to a 2D image or a 3D reference space using stereotatic coordinates. Each probe moves within this global space, rather than along its local axes.
Our beta sites asked; we delivered!

Now, in simulation mode, you can indicate brain atlas start and ending points to determine an insertion path.  VCS will calculate the MPM position attributes (polar angle, pitch angle, arm height and length) to achieve that trajectory.  Then you can move this probe and others in simulation mode to be sure there are no collisions.
VCS will save these position settings.  Once you have configured the physical MPM system according to the recommended settings (polar angle, pitch angle, arm height and length), and calibrate the probe to the physical Bregma and Lambda on the test animal, you are ready to start the experiment.
The result is much less time setting up, and much more time for your experiment!
VCS System Probe Insertion Targets

For more information about the VCS system and our beta site program, please email Ed Friedrich (
The MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System is the first micro-manipulator designed specifically for use with silicon probes. Simple to set up and operate, it provides convenient, automated positioning of multiple neural probes for acute in-vivo recording. 

The compact design allows for independent positioning of multiple probes in the smallest space, with ample clear area for a virtual task environment. Automatically and independently move each probe to the optimum location in the brain.

Order an MPM Multi-Probe Micromanipulator System with at least two probe arms and receive the Virtual Coordinate System Software FREE ($1000 value).

Offer expires 30 August 2019. 
Delivery of MPM hardware 8-10 weeks after receipt of order. Delivery of VCS software upon final release. Contact a distributor or EMAIL US TO ORDER
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