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So, hockey is over for this year, spring is in full steam, and Mother's Day is just around the corner! May is such a lovely time of year. And, it's our 6th month in business! Thank you for sharing our adventures with us. 

With a half year under our belts, we've been reviewing our processes and making sure the i's are dotted and t's are crossed. It's time for our first children's files check, an art station revision, and more. We also promised to tell you about our summer holidays by the end of this month. With so much to cover, we should probably get on it.


PS, If your family is new to Buddings, check out our Blog article: Packing your Buddy Bag to make sure you're ready for action!

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May Special
Welcome to our 60th family!
Children's Files Update Time
Buddings Holidays - Aug. 13 - 17
Photos From Buddings
Diapers, diapers, diapers
Free Vision Screening
May Special: Save $50 off the 20 hour package!
This month, you can save $50 off our 20 hour packages until May 15, making it just $100 more than the 10 hour package. That's only $10/hour for 10 more hours! Take two of them and save $60 off the 40 hour package!
The deal goes until May 15, but you receive the discount on as many months as you want to purchase. If you've already bought a regularly priced package for May, and would like take advantage of the deal, please contact Talia before May 15. 
Welcome to our 60th family!

And our 59th, and our 58th, and our 57th... you get the idea. 
We're so excited to see Buddings' member list growing, and to welcome all our new Buddies to the group. Big thank you's to our longer members, too, for spreading the word, and bringing in your friends.
Thanks so much, Jude, for referring two families last month! 
With our referral program, she can take 20% off her next package, or save them up until she's referred 10 people and get her package for free. 
All your friends get 3 hours free to try us out. If they ever purchase a package, you get a 10% discount, and they're eligible for the 7 hour signing bonus if they do it within 30 days. Plus, when the kids already know each other, they have an extra-friendly face to see at daycare! 
The best part of offering flexible occasional care, is that you don't have to pay for hours you don't need, and we can share the time amongst over 200 families!
Children's Files Update Time

With so many families coming through the system, we know we need to review our work from time to time, and a 6-month check-up seems in order. :)

This month, please take a moment to review all the information listed in your Buddings Account and be sure it's up to date. If any of your information is changed, or missing from the page, please fill it in.

Your Emergency Contact should be someone your child knows well who could be called in the event that a Guardian cannot be reached. An out of town contact number is also a great idea. This can be
ANYONE. In the event that an earthquake happens in Vancouver and phones in parts of the city are down, a call outside of the city might be possible, in which case, we can leave a message for you there. Please list at an out of town phone number with your Emergency Contact information.

If we haven't collected a copy of your immunization record yet, please try to bring it in next time you're in. Lawrence and Jenny will be sending out reminders in the next few weeks, and if you want to scan the Immunization Record pages, you can also return it to them via email. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Buddings Holidays - Aug. 13 - 17, 2012
Buddings is open through the summer, and can even provide occasional care for preschoolers and kindergarden kids whose schools are on holiday. We will be closed for one week, however, from Aug. 13 - 17, 2012. 
The dates are listed on our Events Calendar and Booking Calendar and you should keep them in mind when purchasing August hours. Families are still welcome to use up to 40 hours in the month if you can do so in the shorter number of days. 
We appreciate your understanding with the scheduled break and would be happy to meet you at the beach, instead. :)
Photos from Buddings... Phew!  
Last week, Lawrence sent links to Drop Box folders of photos for families who have been attending the centre in recent months. It took us longer than we expected to get them organized, and we know it was probably a lot to look at all at once. If you haven't had a chance to take a look, we think you'll like the assortment, and lots of families have told us that the kids were excited to see pictures of themselves and their Buddies! 
From now on, we will be collecting the pictures monthly, and sending you the link for the months your child attends. If your child was at Buddings between January and April, but you did not receive the link, and would like to access the folders, please let Lawrence know.  

Spot Light


For the last 2 months, Buddings has been doing laundry with North Vancouver's Magic Era Laundry Ball, sparing us the need for chemical detergent, and giving us up to 1,000 loads of clean towels and sheets for a one-time cost of $22.95. It's pretty neat. Check out their site and the review from A Lot of Loves for more information.

Diapers, diapers, diapers
If you've noticed your child coming home in sea creature diapers lately, fear not! We haven't lost your child's bag, or swapped it with someone else's. It means we provided a diaper because your supply was empty. 
We check the children every hour and a half or so to make sure they aren't wearing wet or dirty diapers, and change them whenever it's necessary. Children between 18 months and up to 3 years can pee as often as once an hour, and the frequency can fluctuate over time, so to be safe, try to send a diaper for every hour that your child will be at Buddings. 
If your kit does run out, don't worry, we'll keep them covered. :) Our diapers are available in a few sizes, and we even have some extra clothes too, in case of emergency. 
The cost for supplying a diaper is $1, and this will show up on your Incidental Invoice, which will be sent to you at the end of the month. It shows up on your Dashboard. To pay it, simply click the box and hit Pay to bring up the credit card form. If you would prefer to pay the Incidentals Invoice in cash, you can do so next time you're at Buddings. 
Free Vision Testing for 3 year olds
If your child is 3 years old, it may be time to have his/her eyes tested. A quick and painless vision screening at this point can catch early signs of problems, in time to correct minor issues. Undiagnosed vision problems are a difficult handicap for school-age children, often leading to disruptive behaviour, but a free screening is easy, and can be scheduled at one of seven locations in Vancouver. Call to book your's: 604-654-2640. 

Note: the Vancouver Audiology Centre is located on the 3rd floor of the BCAA building, at 999 West Broadway, and has dates through to June. They're right across the street from Buddings, so you could make an appointment before or after your next visit. 
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