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We hope you've been enjoying the summer. It's flown by and September is just a couple of weeks away. That means back to school (or daycare :) and work, and we're looking forward to seeing all our vacationing buddies back in the centre again. We've been adding to the class list over the summer and now have over 100 families signed up. It's going to start to getting really busy, and we're excited to have some help starting soon, from the Daycare Training & Experience Internship.  

Until Aug. 24, you get an Early Purchase Bonus on your Sept. hours and this is also the week for adding your name to roll-over list for remaining hours. It's just $2/hour, and if this is your first month with us, your roll-over is free. 

There are just two weeks left in our Spread the Buzz campaign, but that means there are 30 more hours to be won, and you can find all the details in this newsletter. 

Read on!

In this newsletter...

Early Purchase Bonus - this week!
Training & Experience Internship
Spread the Buzz Wraps Up!
New! Multi-child Bonus Program!
New to Buddings? Check out:
Purchase your Sept. hours by Friday to get 3 bonus hours

Last month, we launched the Early Purchase Bonus, and for September, the deadline is this Friday (Aug. 24). That means that if you purchase your Sept. hours anytime this week, you'll get an extra 3 hours added to your account for free. 
If your needs are for 40 hours a month, we can't give you the extra, but until the end of the week, the 40 hour package is pro-rated to $610.50, so you pay for 37, and get 40. 
Training & Experience Internship - Coming soon!
We're really excited to let you know about a cool new program that we're going to be participating with this Fall - the Daycare Training & Experience Internship. This is a 4-month program where up to 3 participants will learn all they need to know to work in a flexible occasional daycare - namely Buddings. :)

The program is funded through the government funded Targeted Skills Shortage Program, and is part of the Provincial mandate to support childcare in BC. We're thrilled to be involved, and have already received a few great applications. 

The program runs from Sept. 4 to Dec. 21, 2012, and participants will take a wide variety of training - from First Aid and safety, to Soothing Anxiety, Guidance Techniques, and Developing Communication Skills, all the way through to Making Puppets Part of the Curriculum and Adapting Technology to Daycare Needs. It's going to be a info- and fun-filled season!

They will also be putting in an average of 12 hours per week at Buddings, starting out in an observatory role and, over the months as their skills improve, potentially taking an active role in organizing and supervising activities, and caring for children. As always, the care of your kids is our top priority, and we will keep you posted on their progress. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call or email us.  

The application deadline is the end of this week, Aug. 24, and if you know of any wanna-be childcare types, the description can be found on the Job Opportunities Page of our website. Feel free to pass it around. 
Spread the Buzz Wraps Up with a Month of Winning!


There are 120 entries in our summer long Spread the Buzz campaign - 120 people who have "liked" us on Facebook, followed us on Twitterreferred a friend, or written a review.
In fact, thanks to the 14 reviews we've received on, we're the highest ranked, and most reviewed daycare in Canada. Seriously! And we're thrilled with our perfect 56/56 score! Find our profile page to read the reviews, or add your own - and get an extra entry for Spread the Buzz ;)

Winning in August is paying off, too. We've already awarded 33 hours of childcare! Congratulations to Janice Sestan, Michelle Narayan and Tracey Flattes for winning 10 hour packages, and we're giving 3 bonus to Tracey for outstanding participation. She's up to 13 hours FREE!

There are still 2 weeks of contests left! A correct answer in our Trivia Contest this week gets you an entry for 10 hours (the questions will get harder every day!), and next week, we'll be putting out a short feedback survey with another 10 hour package for one lucky respondent. 

Find the daily question on our Facebook Page, where you can add answers all week long, and the survey will be in your inbox next week, available until the end of the month. Visit our website for more information.
Spot Light


Urban Baby & Toddler is a Vancouver-based magazine with great features and tonnes of useful info for parents. We're advertising with them for their fall issue, which is all about education - signing with babies, finding the perfect childcare, and great suggestions for toys and accessories. Pick up a free copy or find them online at

New! Bonus Program for Multi-child Families
Having more than one child means you're doubling up on everything, and we know it gets expensive, so we're pleased to announce that at Buddings, having two actually gets you a break! 
Starting immediately, when you bring multiple children in for the same month, we'll bump up your hours so you're saving money. The system is simple:
Buy 2 or more 10 hour packages, and we'll add 3 hours to each package ($15.40/hr./child)
Buy 2 or more 20 hour packages, and you get an extra 7 hours per child ($13/hr./child)
Buy 2 or more 30 hour packages, and you'll get an extra 10 hours per child ($12.75/hr./child)
And with our Roll-Over Policy, buying larger packages and splitting them over multiple months for a $2/hr. fee can still save you money over the cost of more smaller monthly packages. 
If you need more information on how to make this program work best for your family, please call or email Talia.  
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