Wish You Could Offer Health Insurance to Your Employees? Introducing...
Take out the middle man and save $$! Most people using Direct Primary Care will see a savings of 20% or more in OVERALL health spending costs.


For an affordable set fee per member per month, your employee can see a primary care physician for up to 99 visits per year. No additional copays! Our patient panels are much smaller, so we are able to have same day appointments, and much longer appointments to get your employees on the right track with their health. No need to go to the urgent care! Many visits can be done via video apps or telephone.
The Value of Direct Primary Care
Watch this video to learn more about the value of Direct Primary Care offered by Whole Family Medical!

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Is this an Insurance Policy?

DPC is NOT insurance. It is a way to provide employees with better primary care. Family physicians can take care of 80% of your employees’ medical needs. You will still need to purchase catastrophic, High-Deductible, or a Self-Funded Insurance Plan to complement our services. We can refer you to an insurance agent to help you pick the best plan to fit your needs. Or you can just offer great Primary Care!

Will my Employees like it?

Yes! We are happy to come by and explain the program and have them meet us in person. Most are amazed at not having to wait (and waste time) at the office. They like being able to talk to their doctor again, and not feel rushed through a computerized visit!
*Don’t delay! We have limited-size patient panels, avoid a wait list and contact us soon!

Questions? Contact us at 419-872-3250

Monthly Fee Per Employee per Month:
· $79 per person per month for 1-4 enrolled
· $69 per person per month for 5-14 enrolled
· $59 per person per month for 15 or more
· $35 per child (under 18) per month
· Includes most primary care services provided in the office
· Choice of 3 different physicians, 2 locations
· Includes telemedicine visits where appropriate
· Discounts on generic medications
· Discounts on blood tests (complete metabolic profile $4), radiology services (X-Rays $35 incl interpretation)
· Up to 99 visits per person per year
· Same day appointments

Included Primary Care Services:
• Office care and minor procedures, as medically indicated
• Hemorrhoid treatment
• Dipstick urinalysis
• Urine pregnancy test
• EKG with interpretation
• Spirometry with interpretation
• Endometrial biopsy *
• Pap smears *
• Intrauterine device insertion (IUD) ** Nexplanon device insertion **
• In office labs including: A1c, glucose
• Joint injections **
• Rapid strep test
• Stitches for cuts
• Skin biopsies*
• Generic prescription antibiotics
• Influenza and Adacel (tetanus/pertussis) vaccines are included

*Patient will be responsible for the laboratory fee for reading the sample
**Patient will be responsible for the cost of the device or medicatio
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Direct Primary Care For Toledo Businesses

Direct Primary Care from Whole Family Medical Care is a simple method of providing primary healthcare services using the DPC model of reimbursement. This eliminates the cost of insurance processing and passes the savings on to the employer.

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