Rocky Bay Equine Newsletter, May 2016
Gearing Up for Show Season
Are you and your horse hitting the road this summer?  Health related preparations should be high on your list.  It's very important that traveling horses be protected with current deworming & vaccination.  It also pays to be pro-active about collecting the correct paperwork for travel and show entries.  Karol in our office is well versed in health certificates, passports, coggins testing and vaccination documentation protocols, give her a call if you have questions.  It's important to schedule your veterinary examinations as soon as you know your show schedule since it takes time to get all that paperwork in order.  (see last months newsletter about USEF vaccination rules)

Although we hope for the best, it does pay off to plan for the worst when it comes to equine emergencies.  First aid supplies should definitely be on your gear list.  Rocky Bay Equine has a starter First Aid kit available with all the basic essentials (including a list of normal health parameters and some hints on how to use a stethoscope, thermometer, etc.)  Call the office for availability and we can bring one out to you on your next appointment.  

Traveling is stressful no matter how outwardly calm your horse is, we've found that many horses benefit from regular administration of an anti ulcer product, such as omeprazole, during show season.  Talk to your doctor about specific recommendations for your horse.  An ounce of prevention may help get rid of that teeth grinding, grumpy face that goes along with an unhappy stomach.  Happy horses perform better, resulting in happy riders and maybe even a blue ribbon or two.
At Their Best

Do you know that one of the best ways to keep your athletes happy and feeling their best is through alternative techniques such as chiropractic and acupuncture?  Your horse doesn't need to be gearing up for Rolex to appreciate an adjustment now and then during periods of hard training or competition.
Welcome Babies!

We love this time of year.  The rule of spring is that foals will arrive on their own schedule no matter how much we want them to come exactly on their due date and in the daytime :)  Yes, it's exhausting but who can resist those sweet munchkins?  We offer foaling services should you need that, otherwise we look forward to meeting your newest additions on their first new baby check up.    

1 0% off soundness/lameness evaluations, including diagnostics like radiography or ultrasound, when performed during the same appointment.  Produce your pony club card and we'll make it a 20% discount. 
                      Applies during the month of May 2016 only.
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