May/June 2017 Newsletter
Your Work It News & Updates
Memorial Day Weekend
Work It will be closed from
Saturday 5/27 to Monday 5/29
in observance of the Memorial Day holiday. (We only close down 2 weekends a year and this is one of them.)

Classes will resume Tuesday May 30th.

Please have a safe and happy holiday weekend as you remember those that continue to serve our country. 
30% OFF
(save $109.50!)
Sale ends Mon 5/29 at 11:55pm 
5 Pole Dancing Classes
5 Cardio/ Body Toning Classes
5 Bellydance/ Flexibility Classes

Sold seperately: $365.00
Now: $289.99! 

Be sure to enter code
MEMORIAL30 at checkout to save!

** The ULTIMATE BODY package expires 90 days from date of purchase with no extensions of expiration date. **
Representing Work It in Atlanta!
Work It will once again be traveling to the International Pole Convention being held in Atlanta, GA.  

Krista, Tony, Luisa, and Michelle will be taking workshops from athletes from around the world so that we can continue to bring the highest quality of teaching to you.  Michelle will also be teaching her "Burlesque Pole" workshop and performing bellydance on the showcase stage. 

As we travel, please make sure to support those instructors that are filling in for us as we are gone.  They have committed their time to assist so please let's not leave them with empty classes! 

More Info on PoleCon
Special Pole Playground Time
(Not an instructor led class.
Experience is required)

Wednesday May 31st 

only $15

Registration is required
Work It would like to congratulate Work It Warrior Nicole McNeer and her husband James for the birth of their beautiful baby girl Mason Manwara McNeer.

Mason was born May 12th at Yale New Haven Hospital, at 6 lbs 14 oz, 20 inches long. 
Class Spotlight: Hip Hop and (Morning) Pole!
When: Thursdays at 7:00pm
Skill level: No experience necessary! You will learn basic beginner Hip Hop moves as you get a great workout!

Benefits: The aerobic benefits of Hip Hop Fusion occur from the cardio exercises. It will get your heart pumping and your breathing rate up. The movements will also strengthen your muscles, giving you a full body workout. 

Ready to try it?
CLICK HERE to sign up for class!
When: Tuesdays / Thursdays 9:30am
Skill level: No experience necessary

Benefits: Targets your entire body but also happens to be good for the mind and soul. 

Ready to try it?
CLICK HERE to sign up for class!

When: Tuesdays / Thursdays 10:45am
Skill level: Must have mastered Intro to Pole Tricks or have instructor permission.

Benefits: Targets your entire body but also happens to be good for the mind and soul. Benefits include toning, loosing weight, building cardio, strengthens your core, back, arms, legs, butt, and other muscles.

Ready to try it?
CLICK HERE to sign up for class!

Please make sure you are registering for classes at least 1 HOUR BEFORE the class start time. 

Failure to do so can result in a $5.00 administrative walk-in fee. 

Registration can be easily done via our WEBSITE
or via the mobile MINDBODY app (iPhone and Android).

Contact Work It Staff if you have any questions on how to register.