Save the Date
December 8, 2020 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


CTAUN is pleased to announce our first online event - a discussion about the way we receive and share information, and how we can  help our students - and ourselves - to tell fact from fiction

In this age of Covid-19, the rapid spread of misinformation may be as dangerous as the virus itself.   We will examine why people believe and spread misinformation, and we have invited media professionals to offer techniques and resources that help students and educators recognize "red flags"of misinformation ("fake news").   
We will direct special attention to Social Media. We will hear from UN Communications experts about special initiatives underway to stem the spread of misinformation, and how educators and students can participate in this effort.   
Please mark the date on your calendar.   Registration will open next week and will also be posted on our website.  There will be NO CHARGE for this event.
A second webinar "United Nations and Indigenous People"  is planned for January.  Details will be posted on the CTAUN website.
If you would like to revisit - or see for the first time - CTAUN's 28 February 2020 Conference at the UN, go to - and enter CTAUN in the Search Box at the top.  That will lead you to both Parts I and II of our conference "War No More" with its renowned speakers.  And of course you can find summaries of past conferences, along with Teacher Resources and other information on the CTAUN website.

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