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March 19, 2015
Fostering Futures
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...helping foster children enjoy experiences others take for granted.

 Palm Trees and an Early Summer Night's Breeze Await YOU!


Join us for An Island Affair 

 Hotel Monaco, 480 King Street, on June 5 at 7 p.m.


Enjoy live music and dancing with the Kate Moran Band

Hors d'oeuvres, Desserts, and 2 free drinks from the Island bar



Win a  Week Vacation 
St. Croix, Virgin Islands Carambola Resort 

$5 per raffle ticket or $20 for 5. You need not be present to win.

 Silent Auction and More....

Bring your checkbook, your credit card, or cash! 

ALL proceeds benefit children in foster care or at-risk of abuse and neglect.

Dress Code:  Beach Casual

Get in on the early bird discount rate!  

Tickets are $75 per person before May 22. Cost is $85 thereafter.


Special Pricing Categories are also available. 

Pay by eCheck or credit card at The Fund's website.


For more information, please call 703-746-5663 or email





Children in foster care, and those who are at-risk of being placed in foster care, are supported by state and federal funding to meet their basic needs.  The Fund for Alexandria's Child and YOU, our contributors, support their healthy growth and development by enriching their lives. The flexibility of The Fund, combined with oversight, makes the money you donate valuable beyond its dollar amount.  Each specific expenditure is overseen by a social worker for a particular child.


$274 - Personal Supplies and Toiletries

Off to camp are 27 children, ages 7-14.  They are all either in foster care, receiving treatment services or participating in community enrichment activities. The kids are required to bring toothbrush, toothpaste, shower soap, bug spray, sun block, a flashlight and other necessities that their parents cannot afford in their budgets.


$176 - Life Book

In preparation for his adoption, 11-year-old Johnny completed his life book, with his foster, soon to be adoptive, parents.  Scrapbooking supplies and duplication made the book look professional as well as moving to all who see it.


$810 - Taekwondo Classes for 6 Months

Davey is 10, full of energy, and the only boy in a houseful of girls.  This focused physical and mental exercise is the perfect afterschool activity for a youngster with too much time on his hands.


$26 - Cell Phone Minutes

With the ability to make a phone call, the mother of baby Jackson can be sure she can comply with the court-ordered safety plan to call police if the father of her son tries to contact them when he is released from jail.


Thank you to all our contributors.  You can see the difference YOU make!