This year's auction really gets to why I have always been so proud of being a member of this school and church community: Presentation - Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

In case you don't know my name, allow me to introduce myself: I am Erin Hargrove, Presentation Class of 1993. I currently have two sons who go to the school and I am the Panther Pride Auction Chair.

Our school and church continue to transition and change, but one thing that has remained constant over the 30 years I have been a member is the sense of community and support that we all receive, similar to Norm at end of Cheers’ bar. Presentation is a place where we care about each other and we work together toward the common goal of educating and forming our children in faith.

As the Auction chair for the third year, the committee and myself continue to take your insight and feedback into consideration as we continue to plan for this annual event. If you haven't yet, please mark your calendar for Saturday, November 2 at Maplewood Community Center from 5PM to 11PM , as we celebrate and raise money for Presentation School.

Not only is the auction the largest fundraiser for our school, but the money it raises all goes back to the operating costs. This money has been built into our annual budget. Which is why we need you -- we need you to donate, to bid, to volunteer and to attend. 

Over the next few weeks you will continue to receive more information about how to RSVP, buy and sell raffle tickets, and items available up for bid. What I ask of you today is your commitment to this great little school on the top of the hill, Presentation of Mary School, as it needs you more now than ever. Show your commitment to this school and its enduring future by making this year’s auction a priority.

I encourage you to visit the auction website, using the link below, for information about how to get involved and if you have questions, please reach out to me directly. I look forward to raising a glass with you at the auction.

Erin Hargrove
Panther Pride Auction Chair, Presentation Class of 1993, Parent to Logan (grade 5) and Milo (grade 2)
Cell: 651-350-8803

P.S. Parents - Please stop by the Auction table at tomorrow night's Open House!
Help Make the Auction a Success

Parents looking for volunteer hours?
Parishoneers looking to give back?

Please consider signing up to help for the auction. Use the link below to sign up for a time slot. Haven't done it before? Members from the Auction commitee will help you along the way.

Be Part of the Annual Video

We are looking for your pictures to use for this year's annual video.

Please use the link below to upload and share videos you think represent Presentation School and all the great things happening here!