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Save the Date - SALSA Summit   


Save the Date!


FCD's Fall 2012 SALSA Summit for Students and Advisors

November 16-18, 2012

Boston, Massachusetts, USA


SALSA ("Students Advocating for Life without Substance Abuse") is an innovative program for students who choose not to use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. While individual SALSA groups will have their own purpose, objectives and style, the larger purpose of SALSA as a peer leadership model is twofold:


  1. To provide reinforcement to students who have made a healthy decision to refrain from alcohol and other drug use.
  1. To train students to be role models for younger students, peers, their school and their communities.

The power of the SALSA role model is based on a personal connection SALSA group members make with younger students. Members do not educate about alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Instead, they introduce themselves and tell younger kids what they are doing at school, at home, in their family and social lives, and what their academic and extracurricular interests are. They demonstrate 1) non-judgmental reasons for not using alcohol or other drugs, 2) share how to say no to peers who suggest use or other inappropriate behaviors, and 3) engage engage the younger students in fun and often humorous interactions that reinforce the younger students' ability to feel good about themselves.


SALSA programs and others like it have been started and sustained at schools all over the United States with the guidance and support of FCD's prevention specialists.


FCD Educational Services, a leader in school-based substance abuse prevention worldwide and creator of the SALSA model, is proud to host a summit especially for students and advisors of student non-use peer leadership teams across the U.S. on November 16-18, 2012, in Boston, Massachusetts.


During this weekend SALSA summit, student non-use peer leadership teams - existing groups as well as those just starting out -  will get the opportunity to join other students from around the country in experiential learning opportunities that build upon team strengths and expand both students' and advisors' knowledge.


At the summit, SALSA students will:


  • Explore how to use the social norms approach to prevention in a SALSA team
  • Build skills and resiliencies related to students' healthy choice not to use
  • Practice a variety of activities that SALSA teams can share with younger students
  • Strengthen their commitment to the non-use of alcohol and other drugs
  • Meet like-minded teens and build camaraderie.

At the summit, SALSA advisors will:


  • Discuss strategies for SALSA team recruitment, retention and messaging
  • Plan for effective team trainings, meetings and presentations
  • Build advising skills to maximize the team's success in the community
  • Network with other team advisors to brainstorm what works.

Please save the date for this unique opportunity in your school calendars. A more detailed invitation will follow. 


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