Speak out at the public hearing on Saratoga's new draft Comprehensive Plan

Tues., Dec. 9th - 6 pm

City Council Chambers in City Hall


 The new draft Comprehensive Plan...

  • opens the door for commercial and higher density development in the greenbelt
  • weakens and reverses long-standing and hard-won protection of Saratoga's greenbelt
  • would undo key Zoning Ordinance provisions that protect the greenbelt
  • ignores strong public sentiment

Saratoga Springs' current Zoning Ordinance protects the greenbelt by prohibiting Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) in that part of the city. That is all about to change. At its last meeting, the Comprehensive Plan Committee voted (7 to 6) to undo these protections and to allow PUDs in the Conservation Development District (a.k.a. the greenbelt). Allowing PUDs will mean commercial development in the greenbelt. Allowing PUDs will mean denser development in the greenbelt. Both are currently prohibited, but both will be allowed in the weaker language of the new draft Comprehensive Plan.


The new draft Comp Plan poses a real threat to the "City in the Country" planning vision that has been well-established for decades in this community. Citizens fought hard for that vision, putting it into place against the wishes of powerful interests. And now, in 2014, it's d�j� vu all over again.

The Greenbelt of Saratoga Springs: Country Overlay Area (2001 Comp. Plan)



Please come out to voice your opinion about the proposal that will permanently change the character of Saratoga Springs.


More details will become available in the next week on


Stay tuned.


And mark Dec. 9 on your calendar.


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