This year we will, discuss public safety and what it means to a diverse group of community members and law enforcement professionals. We will also focus on ways we can all become more civically involved.

In 2020, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. We came together in a virtual format and had courageous conversations on reimagining public safety during unprecedented challenges for communities in the midst of a global pandemic, social unrest and political upheaval.

In 2019, we united in efforts to improve how we prevent, respond to and seek justice for traumatic incidents and criminal acts motivated by hate and bigotry.

In 2018, we explored the data surrounding racial disparities in our communities, and the impact of actions taken to remove these disparities in our institutions of justice.

In 2017, we continued this work with a focus on implicit bias and its impact on community.

In 2016, as representative of public safety, government, faith, and civil society, we gathered at a time of heightened tensions and polarizing political rhetoric to break down barriers, and to strengthen the bonds of trust between us and the communities we serve.