Wednesday, January 13, 2021 | Online
Learn how to develop and position yourself as a leader who remains positive, transcends the circumstances and uplifts members - and your employees - to see what we can accomplish together.
The Experience of Leadership in COVID Days
We'll be joined by Cynthia Mills, Founder, President & CEO of The Leaders’ Haven, who will address the Experience of Leadership in COVID Days

We’ve all felt it – the presence of great leadership; sometimes for a fleeting moment and, if we’re lucky, a little longer. 

  • What is present when an individual creates followers? 
  • What happens when a group leads in consensus? 
  • How can we reproduce those moments and turn them into replicable behaviors that are dependable? 
  • What does it take for individuals to commit, be willing, exert the effort, and transcend the day to day? 
  • What are we willing to do to “Experience Leadership” daily and transform our present into one of unbounded possibility?
The Take-Aways
Leading with intention during the ever-evolving climate we live in is important to the continued success of CLCA - and your business.
Who's Invited?
All CLCA state and chapter leaders are invited to attend the 2021 Leadership Conference. If you're interested in attending but are not yet a CLCA leader, please contact Maria Abero at CLCA HQ, (916) 830-2780.