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June 8, 2017

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Opportunity through Education

Karamu Special Guest:
Mukoma wa Ngugi
Kiwimbi hits a real milestone this year and our third annual Karamu will be very special.  Karamu is Swahili for "celebration" and we are delighted to celebrate five years of educational accomplishment in Kenya!  So we are thrilled to welcome our special guest- esteemed scholar, activist, poet and novelist -  Mukoma wa Ngugi!

Mukoma is currently an Assistant Professor at Cornell University. In 2013, New African magazine named him one of the 100 most Influential Africans. 

Mukoma has published across multiple platforms, including serving as a columnist for BBC's "Focus on Africa" website and on "This is Africa." You may have seen or heard him in The Library of Congress's Conversations with African Poets and Writers, NPR, KTN News Kenya and other news and cultural resources.

Kiwimbi Hosts Book Groups
 In anticipation of hearing more from Mukoma at our Karamu, Kiwimbi will be hosting informal book discussions about his work. Not only are his novels entertaining to read, but they also explore fundamental societal issues.

Save the Date!
Our first book discussion will take place on July 13th (7-9pm) at Short Stories in Madison. Stay tuned for more information!
Food For Thought
Kiwimbi is focused on creating opportunity through education. One technique we use to accomplish this is our lunch program. In disadvantaged areas of sub-Saharan Africa, children face the harsh issue of learning on an empty stomach. In rural Kenya, kids may walk home at lunch for a meal that isn't guaranteed to be there - while at school they attempt to prepare for exams, which will determine whether they will be able to continue their education to the next level or not. 

So that students can focus on their academic work, Kiwimbi provides a daily lunch to nearly 200 Grade Eight students in three schools in Amagoro, Kenya. By providing lunch in addition to educational resources in school and  at our Library, we give kids an opportunity to progress in school and expand their long-term possibilities beyond subsistence farming. Now they can stay at school and use the time and energy saved to focus on learning!

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For first-hand accounts of life in rural Kenya from the children's perspectives, check out our KAP collection.  Proceeds from the sale of these books support our efforts to bring educational opportunity to the community.
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