We are honored to be able to mark MLK Birthday Shabbat (January 15th) with a visit from our newly-elected CA Assemblymember, Isaac Bryan. Right after Tefila, Mr. Bryan will offer reflections on the meaning of Dr. King’s legacy for his life and for his work. With thanks to Zev Hurwitz who made the introductions, BDJ’s leadership had the opportunity to (virtually) meet Mr. Bryan when he was a candidate for the Assembly, and we were taken with his passion, his hopes for our society. Please be sure to be with us on Shabbat morning, January 15th to give him a warm BDJ greeting, and to have the opportunity both to hear his words, and to ask him questions.
Mr. Isaac Bryan was elected to the California State Assembly in May of 2021. Prior to joining the Assembly, he founded and directed the UCLA Black Policy Project – a think tank dedicated to advancing racial equity through rigorous policy analysis. He also co-chaired the successful Measure J campaign in Los Angeles County, a ballot measure that allocated hundreds of millions of dollars a year to address racial injustice and to strengthen communities. He holds a Masters in Public Policy from UCLA, and remains a proud Bruin.
Isaac is a community organizer, highly regarded policy expert, and a published academic. But for him, these issues aren’t just academic or policy questions – they are deeply personal. As a child, he had a powerful and intimate view of what happens when our civic institutions fail.
Read Assemblymember Bryan's Full Bio Here.