Zaytuna College Online Open House - February 21
What Is Education? by Hamza Yusuf
What Is Education? by Hamza Yusuf

Dear Zaytuna Supporter,  


Salam alaykum wa rahmatullah.

Zaytuna College, the first Muslim liberal arts college in the United States, aims to educate and prepare morally committed leaders of tomorrow. Three years after opening its doors, the college continues to receive an increasing number of applications for its undergraduate and summer programs.


Why Zaytuna? Join us for an online open house to hear directly from faculty, staff, and students about life in and out of the classroom.


"At Zaytuna College, we strive to embrace and preserve the religious and intellectual heritage of past centuries, then to refine and apply it to the complex realities that confront us individually and collectively in the modern world."
- Dr. Hatem Bazian, Co-founder


"A life must be lived well in order to be truly fulfilling. Our goal is to prepare students not only for a career but also for a lifetime of growth and learning." 
- Imam Zaid Shakir, Co-founder


Date: Thursday, February 21st 

Time: 4 to 5pm PST

Where: Online (the link will be provided upon registration)

To Registerhttp://www.formstack.com/forms/zaytunacollege-openhousefeb21


For more information about our programs visit our Academics page.

The Limits of Power? 
A Conversation with Ramsey Clark- March 6
In more than fifty years of service in the public and private sectors, former attorney general Ramsey Clark has consistently challenged the abuse of power and taken up the cause of the oppressed. During his tenure at the Justice Department, which included a stint as U.S. Attorney General during the Johnson administration, Clark hastened an end to legalized segregation and played a historic role in the American civil rights movement. His many achievements include enforcing the court order protecting the march from Selma to Montgomery; leading the investigation of abuses by police and the National Guard following the Watts riots; and supervising the drafting and passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Civil Rights Act of 1968. He also opposed electronic surveillance and refused to authorize an FBI wiretap on Martin Luther King, Jr. 
In 1976 Clark left the public sector to provide legal defense to the disenfranchised. His controversial clients over the years included antiwar activist Father Philip Berrigan; Native American political prisoner Leonard Peltier; and Sheikh Omar Abd El-Rahman, who was accused of masterminding the first World Trade Center bombing. An outspoken critic of U.S. foreign policy, he has called for an end to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as a ban on depleted uranium weapons. He fervently opposes the escalating militarization of the United States and is a staunch advocate for victims of constitutional violations and legal travesties in post-9/11 America. 

Zaytuna College is greatly honored to present an evening with Ramsey Clark, who will share wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of service. Join us for what promises to be an informative and inspiring evening.


Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time: 6:30 to 8:30pm PST

Location:  Zaytuna College (new campus), 2401 Le Conte Avenue,      
                   Berkeley, California, or attend the livestream (online) on   
                   Zaytuna College's Facebook page. (A Facebook account is
                   not required.)

To Registerhttp://www.formstack.com/forms/zaytunacollege-ramseyclark